Cornel Kaiac

Cornel Kaiac – The Story of a Champion!

Date of birth: December 13, 1993
Place of birth: Bucharest
Normal weight: 84-86 kg
Competition weight: 75- 77 kg
Height: 171 cm
Chest/Waist/Arms/Biceps/Thighs/Calf: 119, 78, 40, 35, 61, 40
Official social media account: Cornel Kaiac (facebook), cornel.kaiac (instagram)
Other information: favourite food, pets, tattoos, volunteer work, life quote: I really enjoy traditional Romanian food and pizza. I also like homemade cookies and cakes own a Belgian Malinois, which I keep at my grandmother’s. I currently do not have any tattoos, although I like them. I haven’t really been involved in any volunteer work so far, having been so busy, but I would sure like to, in the future.

Usually, they say a winner is the one who always takes the first spot. We have an entirely different definition: a champion is someone who manages to use their potential to the fullest, increasing their performance so as to achieve remarkable results and maintain them even when dealing with difficulties and pressure. A winner is the one always exceeding their own limitations. When talking about winners, you tend to believe they have outstanding talents, that they’re lucky and they bear this almost magic aura. The good news is that it is nothing like that, but the bad news is that it takes a lot of hard work to get to that particular level. Once you check out any winner’s profile, you realize they are making extraordinary efforts to achieve those laudable results.
There are certain steps to be followed so as to increase your probability of reaching certain performances that will qualify you as a winner. In the beginning, from a shallow point of view, it might seem like a technical process – follow a bunch of steps and gradually become a winner. But it is so much more than that, because both motivation and desire to obtain the highest position matter a lot. It just so happens that sometimes people do not believe in their power to reach a certain level themselves. That is why is is utterly important to for them to be convinced that they can challenge those limitations.

Who is Cornel Pantelin (Kaiac) and where does “Kaiac” come from?
I’m Cornel. I am 25 years old and I come from Bucharest. I have always been quite the sportsman, since childhood. I’ve always enjoyed physical activities. Whether in an organized environment or simply playing outside, with other boys. The first organized sports discipline I ever took part in was football. I started when I was about 10 or 11. I would only practice it at the weekends, because my parents insisted school was much more important. I gave up after a while, since it was increasingly difficult to achieve any kind of accomplishment like that. Which is why, when I was 14, I discovered canoeing. I was already older by them, and my parents understood that it was necessary for me to practice canoeing on a regular basis, so during the week as well, so as to perform at a higher level. They agreed to it and that prompted me to go into canoeing for the following 5 years. That is where I got my nickname, “Kaiac”. My friends were the ones to nickname me once I started canoeing. But by 18, I gave up on this sport and turned to bodybuilding. It was a fairly easy transition, because we used to do a fair bit of strength training for canoeing and that made the transition less difficult.

What exactly motivated you into choosing this particular discipline and how long has it been since you’ve started practising it?
Like I said, I’ve been doing sports my whole life. But I only got into bodybuilding at 18 years of age. When I gave up on canoeing, I focused entirely on bodybuilding and hypertrophy workouts. I guess I felt inspired by my uncle, who would work out to build muscle back when I was a kid, and I really wanted to end up looking like him during adulthood. I suppose his appearance stuck with me and represented a starting point for my career. Afterwards, a series of other reasons appeared, naturally, all of which nurtured my desire.

How did you discover bodybuilding? Talk to us about your role models and mentors.
I came across bodybuilding by going to the gym when I was 18. I was in the 12th grade and had to learn a lot, so as to get my high school diploma, which is why I could no longer train in canoeing as much as I did before, cause that always took up a lot of my time (commuting itself took about 2 hours). That is why me and my parents reached an agreement. I would no longer continue canoeing, but I was going to join a gym in our neighbourhood. It was close and that is how it all began. My role model at the time was Lazar Angelov. He served as a huge motivating factor for me, he still does, because I keep tracking his performance. I enjoy looking at other successful fitness models, inside and outside of our country but I cannot quite say I have other idols.

Cornel Kaiac

How does one day of your life look like, especially now, that you are a bodybuilding champion?
In bodybuilding, one needs to commit themselves 24/7. If there is no balance between nutrition, rest andf training, then one cannot expect to achieve maximum results. First of all, I try to sleep at least seven hours per night. I wake up in the morning, have breakfast and then go to work. In the afternoon, once I am done with training at the gym where I also work, I go to lunch, sleep for a couple of hours if there’s time and then go practice some more. If I don’t have to prepare for a competition, I do workout once a day, but in case I’m training, I have to practice twice daily. One at noon and another one in the evening. Then, even if I am done training, I do some workout with my clients. In the evening, when I get home, I prepare the meals for the following day and so on.

What is your international record?
– 5th place in Tiger CLassic 2016 (my first competition)
– 2nd place in Tiger Classic IFBB 2017
– 1st place in National Fitness & Bodybuilding Championship 2017
– 2nd place in the Balcanic Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships 2018
– 3rd place in the Fitness and Bodybuilding World Cup 2018
– 1st place in the Fitness and Bodybuilding National Championship 2018
– 1st place in the Pro Nutrition Grandprix 2019
– 1st place in the Fitness and Bodybuilding National Championship 2019
Also, various medals in canoeing contests.

How is your workout like? Do you tend to focus more on certain muscle groups and what are your favourite exercises? How strict is your diet?
I prefer a classic workout. In most of my time, I do hypertrophy training and work one muscle group a day. I really enjoy workout on my arms (especially since I lack in that area) as well as my back. In the beginning, when I first started going to the gym, I avoided leg workout, but I since started enjoying it. My favourite exercise consists in bicep flexions on the exercise bar and also lumbar tractions for the back. I keep a very strict diet, particularly during competitions. I must carefully weigh all of my food, I eat a lot less carbs, which is basically what makes it all very rigorous. Other than that, I try to have a balanced diet and, even if I happen to give in to certain junk foods every now and then, I try not to overdo it.

Cornel Kaiac

I know you are a personal trainer at the Bodyshape Transformation Center. How do you feel like as a trainer/fitness instructor, Cornel Kaiac?
It’s true, I have been with the guys at Bodyshape since 2016. It is quite a nice job, especially when you find yourself surrounded by motivated people. It is nive to know that you get to help others, based on your experience and actual work. You have the chance to help them lead better, healthier lifestyles and also change their view on sports. Most of the people who join our gym have not been doing sports in a long time, some have various injuries or drawbacks, which is why it’s a challenge for us to make them fall in love with physical activity. But we are athletes and competitive by nature, so it is only natural for us to love challenges. People are becoming more and more focused on a healthy lifestyle and that adds up to our efforts in doing a good deed together. I believe that, as there are folks who are meant to be doctors, lawyers and so on, I was meant to do exactly what I am doing right now. I am a firm believer in the fact that I fit every criteria necessary and I’m glad I get to do what I enjoy doing.

Did you train any famous people at Bodyshape Transformation? Are there many differences between these people and common customers?
Throughout time, I have had the honour of working with many stars at our centre, some of which include Andreea Marin, magician Robert Tudor, Iuliana Marciuc, Cătălin Măruță and so on. And no, they are just regular people, like everyone else. First of all, we, at Bodyshape, treat everyone the same, regardless of their social status. I, for one, look at the person I am dealing with and not at what they do for a living. To me, whether I deal with someone famous or a regular person is all the same, really. And to be honest, I think a person’s attitude matters a lot more than their social position.

Cornel Kaiac, what advice would you give young people who wish to choose bodybuilding as a career path?
Well, first, they need to know that this discipline requires a whole lotta patience. Nobody can achieve results over night. Secondly, I’d advise them to work alongside a personal trainer, someone who has a certain degree of experience in the area, who has seen and been through things. Especially if they are going for faster results. Also, young people ought to know that this sport needs plenty of investments (gym subscription, food, supplements, equipment and gear). Romania doesn’t really invest money in fitness or bodybuilding, so higher costs will be necessary should they choose to obtain performance or compete at a certain level.

What kind of music do you listen to during workout? In fact, do you listen to certain songs when working out, favorite songs perhaps?
Actually, when I train myself, I’d rather not listen to any music. I like connecting to the ones beside me, hearing what is happening around me and, apart from that, no music is better for focusing on the actual workout. When I do cardio on the treadmill, I do wear my headphones, because that helps time pass quicker. I’m a fan of BUG Mafia and that is the type of music I generally listen to, as it motivates me.

Cornel Kaiac

Have you ever suffered any accidents or surgical interventions, Cornel Kaiac?
Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with surgeries of any kind so far. But I have had several injuries, not a year goes by that I don’t go through those a few times. Shoulders, ankles, all that. There is quite a lot of physical wear in this sports discipline, which makes it compulsory to pay a lot of attention to your particular workout, in case you wish to do it for a long time.

How do you feel about professional bodybuilding in Romania, as it is at this very moment?
Well, lately, it has been becoming more and more popular, by the day. In Romania, an increasing number of people have heard about it or started practising it. However, it still lacks the necessary investments. It is still an anonymous discipline when it comes to sports. What matters is the fact that many young people started to join the gym, some of which have also managed to get results on an international scale. Given the right type of investment and endorsement, Romanian bodybuilding would reach higher positions in international charts.

Are you planning on taking part in certain national or international competitions by the end of 2019? How about next year?
I am free for the rest of the year. As for the next year, I have decided to take a short break and build up some muscle mass, which would help me take part in a series of foreign competitions, at a higher level.

How are you supposed to train, physically, for this type of contests?
For such competitions, physical training entails two workouts a day. One for force and a cardio workout. Preparing can take up to 16 weeks, depending on the shape you’re in when you get started. For instance, my training periods have lasted from 6 to 12 weeks. It also has to do with how strict your nutrition is when you are not competing.

How do you think others see bodybuilding, based on your personal interaction with them? Do you feel they admire you? Do you get recognized when walking in the street? Does anyone ask for your autograph? Have you got a fanbase?
Of course there are moments where I feel others’ admiration and I do enjoy displaying the results of my work. I haven’t quite become popular enough to get recognized in the street and I definitely don’t have fans. I’m a simple man. I’ve only been acknowledged in competitions.

Who is your favourite atlete or champion and why, Cornel Kaiac?
One of my favourite athletes is Ryan Terry. I really admire his physical appearance. He looks very symmetrical and not at all exaggerated. He still looks aesthetically pleasing.

cornel kaiac

What do you think needs to be done so as to increase performance in Romanian atheletes and thus obtain an increasing number of medals in international competitions?
I believe the infrastructure need a fair degree of investment. It is as clear as daylight that athletes need certain conditions so as to achieve maximal results. Secondly, there is a huge need for endorsers, somebody who can motivate athletes. There is still a long way to go, changing the system is pretty difficult.

Does Cornel Kaiac have any superstitions?
Nope, none. But I do like to think that number 13 brings me luck. It has been like that so far.

What is the one object you are never without?
Other than my phone, I’d say my gym bag. I am always ready for a workout. Professional defect.:)

Do you have any future plans? How do you think your life will look like 10 years from now?
In the future, I would like to have a family and continue winning in several competitions. I wish to be able to make money exclusively from this, maybe even go for a career in television. In 10 years, I see myself surrounded by a happy family with children, owning my personal gym for training and workout.

Cornel Kaiac – The Story of a Champion!

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