The first Romanian magazine granted with an international award!

At the first edition of the Central and Eastern Europe Gaming Conference – CEEGC – which took place in Budapest, Hungary on September 20, Casino Life & Business Magazine was awarded “Best iGaming Press in the Region”.

Voters had to make a choice from 11 powerful names from worldwide gambling media and Casino Life & Business Magazine was a clear winner.
Voting was conducted online and was particularly transparent as anyone could see, at any moment, the situation of votes.
The award is all the more important as it defines a geographic area of top importance both for the gambling industry in our country as well as for our magazine.

Thus, our long presence both in the offline, – at various events either they were dedicated to gambling or other type-,the high quality and performance, the professional probity and seriousness – but also the presence in the online, for the last 10 years, have borne results and after the two nominations obtained at the “International Gaming Awards” in London, this prestigious award was granted to us, in a highly exclusive company.


The prize which we got compels us to keep the bar at the same height and even to reinforce our presence internationally, but, at the same time, it proves – for the nonbelievers if they still exist- that the large number of fans that our magazine has on Facebook are not at all imaginary but very real and very active.

Thus, our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine is the first publication in Romania to ever receive an international award.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all of you who voted for us and we pledge to continue to be the same high quality magazine dedicated to gambling industry, but, even more, dedicated to its readers, a true “trend setter” of the gambling press in the region and beyond!


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