Carla Licioiu, manager of Magic Mega Mall gaming hall, talking to Casino Life & Business Magazine.

Magic Mega Mall gaming hall is an existing proof that electronic casino can be at the same level with the live casino

➤ Tell us, please, a few things about you. Who is Carla Licioiu?
Carla Licioiu: I am 40 years old, and I am married for 10 years. .

➤ How did you get into the gaming industry?
Carla Licioiu: I entered the casino industry in 2001 with the opening of one of the most successful live casinos in Bucharest. Over the years, I have been practicing as a casino dealer in the country and on cruise ships, as casino inspector and for the last 8 years I was Pit Boss. I consider that the challenge of live casinos has ended for me successfully and I am ready for a new beginning.

➤ Tell us, please, something about personal success and your objectives.
Well, in general, the idea I can be an important part in making Magic a leading company in Romania is the basis of all my personal objectives.
Initially, it was crucial for me to prove that I can meet the standard shareholders expectations and even to set better one.
Secondly, it is equally important for me that, professionally, I have my vision. I got a lot of freedom to direct the gaming hall and I am very confident that I will reach the targets.

➤ What does Magic Games mean to you?
This is first a new road in life, I hope very successful one, where I would be able to bring my knowledge from live games and implement it in the slot machines industry. Secondly, it is a very big challenge for me, as the main leader of Magic Mega Mall. In this sense, I believe Magic can become a beautiful chapter in my CV where I would be able to grow professionally and personally, to grow in the industry.

➤ How does family life blend with work?
As far as combining family life with work is concerned, I am lucky that my husband was always with me and supported me, especially that he is working in the same industry and, moreover, in the same company!

➤ What is the difference between Magic Games and the other gaming halls from Romania.
Magic Games is, relatively, a new company, but when it comes to gaming halls in shopping centers, Magic was able, in very short time, to join the elite of operators of slot machines and raised the standard of operation. It is reflected in several aspects. Clearly, our venues are among top beautiful venues, we offer the best slot machines of the industry, but if I need to point on the biggest difference is that Magic is offering to give to its customers the best odds of winning and that is done in various ways:
– The Percentage payout of the slot machines, the average slot machines payout is over 96.3%
– 4 different jackpots that each serves a different purpose: progressive, mystery, running jackpot for high rollers, daily running jackpots that we were the first to implement the new innovative jackpot Novo link, a 4 level wide-area jackpot that connects all Novomatic slots in all Magic gaming halls.
– New standard of parties and car events. I believe here we are second to none. We don’t combine one prize to many gaming halls. Each hall has its own prizes designated specifically to its specific customers. For example we just finished in Mega Mall the 4Q campaign, in which we gave, in a period of 12 months, 4 Audi SUV, in the total value of 800.000 lei, and we immediately start a new campaign where we would award prizes and cars of 1.000.000 Lei.
– We have designed a very rewarding loyalty program that would set a new standard. We would start on June 1st to implement that new program and I believe the client would find many surprising benefits in this new loyalty program.

➤ Why is Magic Mega Mall so special?
Magic Mega Mall has lots of characteristics that makes it very special, such as:
Magic Games in Mega Mall was designed from beginning to become the center of gaming in the area of the shopping center and dictate a new standard of gaming. In this sense it has been extremely successful. First, it is, by far, the most invested.
– Secondly when it comes to the standard of operation, several processes in the slot industry were originated from Magic Games in Mega Mall, such as the change in slot machines selection, higher payout standard on the market, various weekly jackpot campaigns that were first implemented in Mega Mall such as the running jackpot or the Novo Link.
– The biggest achievement of Magic Mega Mall, was its clear statement that slot machines operation level can stand at same level as live games. Today this is obvious, but Magic Mega Mall gaming hall was one of the big milestones to this reality.

➤ Tell us, please, how you see your future at Magic.
Magic Games is a new company, 5 years. I find there a great opportunity for my future. First to lead, to influence, to help to set a new standard of operation, to create success and to be a leading role in everything that would follow in the future. The shareholders have very big plans for the next 10 years for Magic Games in Romania and in many other countries. We are today a medium size company in Romania in the gaming industry but our target as we set it is very clear – to become a legitimate gaming operator in Europe in the next 10 years. I want to grow into this target. 18 years ago, the Main shareholder of Magic approached me and my husband and asked us to join him to a new project of slot machines he was about to start, telling us that it would become the biggest company in Romania. At that time it did not look to us realistic and we rejected the offer. Today I know, I can and want to be in a leading position to this direction.

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