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TIP & CASH Romania, part of the NOVOMATIC Romania group, has been present in the market for over five years as a fixed odds betting operator, with a total number of over 370 locations and approximately 715 terminals implemented throughout the country. In addition, TIP&CASH has become an ideal business partner, with over 280 locations in association, among them being the most important gambling organizers in Romania.
The conditions of association with TIP&CASH brand have become in recent years the most profitable on the market in the field of sports betting, due to the brand’s contribution to support its partners, many business advantages, but also for the unique benefits to players. Partnerships are aimed for businesses that want to increase their revenue through a simple and efficient method, but also at those who want to improve or diversify the quality of services, retaining customers through a new way of relaxing and spending free time.

Partners have immediate access to the know-how that ensures the success of the new association.
TIP & CASH specialists provide the new partners with all the necessary equipment, such as software, stand-alone terminals, TV equipment for displaying odds, raspberry equipment for displaying LOTO draws, but also complete cashier equipment. The support offered to partners includes a specialized training for sports and non-sports bets; operational support, but also technical support that guarantees the technical support in the shortest possible time.

With a user-friendly terminal menu, customers can enjoy, many advantages, such as: 0% Administration Fee, Ticket Redemption (the only brand in the retail area that offers this option to players), extensive offer for LIVE events, diversified offer different betting types, the possibility to combine pre-match events with LIVE events; the Increased Odds option- Booster and “PLUS to win”, up to 100%. It is also possible to select several bet types for the same event through the Combo Bet option, and customers have access to updated rankings, information and statistics. Players also have the ability to create the Virtual Ticket from any device and transfer it, through the generated code, in the terminal. TIP&CASH also makes available to members the LOTO offer, with over 170 international lotteries, favorite numbers placed in over 30 draws on the same ticket and the LIVE display of draws.

Offer adapted to the type of business, through a fair and profitable association
Partnerships be for two types: for sports betting and slot machines, depending on the type of space. The collaboration for sports betting associations is based on a contract in which the amount due is calculated as a percentage, 50% of the net monthly profit. For slot-machine associations, in accordance with the law, it is permitted to jointly operate a maximum of five machines and unlimited winnings in locations where there is sports betting activity or, in other locations, a maximum of three limited risk machines that can be connected to a local Jackpot. The collaboration will also take place on the basis of an association contract, in which the amount due monthly will also represent 50% of the net monthly profit.

More details about collaborations, conditions and benefits, on www.tipandcash.ro, in the partnerships section BE OUR PARTNER!. Contact Development Department: Cristian Bălașa, +40 755 013 934, cbalasa@admiralromania.ro.

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