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By Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

We wanted to start a new article with a high dose of optimism. But unfortunately the period we are going through now is also reflected in our activity. How?

Palace Casino is one of the 3 remaining live casinos in Romania. Like any “public place” activity, customer traffic has decreased. We have known and experienced many fluctuations in the number of visitors, and I discovered that no matter how protective the environment is offered, there are “extreme” situations that generate very large decreases in the number of visitors/customers.
Most of the customers on the local market are the Chinese who have been living in Romania for a long time, and they are constant players. What is happening now in China has greatly influenced their mood, brought extra care to their families at home, decreased interest in the long game.
What do we really want to communicate? The fact that sometimes no matter how involved we are in the realization of experiences, what determines the mass actions also has an impact on us. Thus, two important factors appear: the need to understand the situation by senior management and the need for… patience.
Years ago, when situations like this occurred, we were trying marketing actions to boost the number of customers. Absolutely without any success! We all understood then that the patience to go beyond that period, without considering some major actions necessary, is a much more appropriate strategy than the waste of resources (ideas or financial). We know that all land-based operators experience these situations, and for the gambling field, where the time spent at the location is at least 2 hours, the more there is an impact of decreasing incomes.
Maybe this is how we will all appreciate the arrival of spring, when the visits from those outside Romania are growing, the period when tourists are oriented towards the fun part of our country. And indeed, one of the tourist objectives is represented by Casa Vernescu, a Palace that houses a casino.
The plans for the next period include, first of all, the organization of the event on April 4, when we celebrate with great pleasure the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Palace Casino brand in Casa Vernescu here. For some team members, those who worked then and there, too, is a reminder of the passage of time. For customers it is a high credibility towards the brand, it is a reliable factor in such an unstable market. The organized events are addressed to the players, in particular. Thus, on April 4, prizes are also offered in cash, participating in the promotional tickets granted as of December 15. As with every event, the main attraction is the value of the prizes, but also the entertainment of that evening. Both live music and themed characters, dance moments, acrobatics and scenery, all come to meet the needs of customers to combine fun with adrenaline.

In the next period, together with Casino Life & Business Magazine, we will continue the series of tutorials related to live games, as well as the Chef’s Secrets, the ones through which we enter the Palace Casino kitchen, where chef Enzo Liberti, of Italian origin, prepares a variety of dishes that can be found in the Restaurant Menu. On the youtube channel of Casino Life & Business Magazine you can follow all these tutorials, we always expect you with ideas that you can send us on the official Palace Casino page at Casa Vernescu Bucharest. Let us know what you want to know, and we will try to prepare the materials as easily as possible!
We are also preparing for the next season of Conferences, where we will participate as usual with our colleagues in the industry, hoping to inform ourselves as fully as possible, exchanging information and opinions. Until then, you will find all the news as usual by following us on the media pages or on!