Barny Boatman wins EPT Paris Main Event for $1.39 million


The two-time WSOP bracelet winner and co-founder of the Hendon Mob, Barny Boatman, has become the latest – and possibly greatest – winner of the EPT Main Event. Conquering Paris to win the biggest prize of a glittering poker career – around $1.4 million – Boatman, who came into play with less than half the overnight chip leader’s stack, became the oldest winner of the Main Event in the European Poker Tour’s long and distinguished history.

If ever there was a city for poker romantics to dream of Barny Boatman winning the EPT Main Event he craved after all these years in, it was Paris. In a city almost built on love itself, the French capital was caught in a fog of the stuff on Sunday evening as Boatman, one of the most well-loved poker players not just in his beloved England but the world, finally became an EPT champion.

Boatman had come close before, but not since 2011 when he came fourth in San Remo had he got this close. Oddly, one man he shared the felt with in Italy 13 years ago (until missing out on the top three) was Dimitar Danchev. Ironically, the Bulgarian bowed out close to the final table all these years later in Paris, watching on as Boatman cut a bold path through the field.

Hero-calling for his tournament life “… but not my actual life” to survive, folding when required, bluffing when needed, this was a Barny Boatman performance for the ages, a reminder that studying GTO may help millions but it doesn’t need to be the only way to skin a cat. Here was a lesson in doing something the old-fashioned way, the way he knew best, looking into the whites of his opponent’s eyes.

By the end of the action, Boatman had wrestled control of the table away from the German player David Kaufmann, who in turn had begun the final day with a big lead. The only player over 100 big blinds, Kaufmann had dominated some players at the felt over the last five fun-packed days on the PokerStars LIVE tour stop.

As the cast and crew of PokerStars celebrated an overnight Global Poker Award, Boatman put the pedal down and pressed towards a victory of his own. Three-handed, it was a masterclass in stack manipulation, the art of using a chip lead to punish both players in equal measure. Kaufmann may have had a vast amount less experience than Boatman, who had already seen off World Poker Tour winner Eric Afriat after a series of seemingly spiky clashes, but Ponakovs posed a problem. The Latvian has already beaten Phil Ivey heads-up for a WSOP bracelet – not a common boast – and might have proved a tricky obstacle for some, but Boatman’s relentless final table performance never let up for a second.

For the Londoner Boatman – celebrated by his own award-winning actor brother Ross back home – it was clearly an emotional moment when he manipulated his final opponent one last time, convincing Kaufmann to commit his stack.

One huge exhale from Boatman, a grimace from the German, who needed a miracle. When you’ve put yourself in the right position time and time again as Boatman has, the weight of those years of commitment eventually proves too much for luck to bear and Kaufmann was given no such unjust reprieve.

Ever the gentleman, a tear seemed to flash across the twinkling eye of one of poker’s favorite sons as Joe Stapleton nimbly asked Boatman about that comment when he hero-called not for his actual life, but his tournament life.

“Right now, I can’t distinguish between my tournament life and my actual life.” Barny laughed. “This doesn’t feel real.”

As Boatman began to dissolve into the emotion of the occasion, Stapleton knew exactly where to finish. As the room rose to an ovation, the trophy was then presented and through a blur of silver confetti, the silver-haired Barny Boatman was crowned the EPT’s oldest-ever Main Event winner at the age of 68.

2024 European Poker Tour Paris Main Event Final Table Results:

Place – Player – Country – Prize
1. Barny Boatman – United Kingdom – €1,287,800
2. David Kaufmann – Germany – €804,750
3. Aleksejs Ponakovs – Latvia – €574,850
4. Owen Dodd – United Kingdom – €442,150
5. Peter Jorgne – Sweden – €340,100
6. Eric Afriat – Canada – €261,650
7. Ami Barer – Canada – €201,250
8. Lorenzo Arduini – Italy – €154,800

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