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What women want from men

Psychology Hour
Dr. Leli

What do women want from men? Are there any general traits that make a man more attractive in the eyes of a woman? Specifically, what aspects of personality, physique, character, and what skills should a man have in order to be attractive in a woman’s eyes? These questions will never have a perfect answer. Each person is a world full of facets that will make them look for different things.
However, the results of several studies have shown that the way a man looks is not above other characteristics, although it can be an advantage. There are few women attracted to a man’s muscles and many who are attracted to moral integrity, for example. It seems that women are looking for a man they can trust, who is funny and elegant. Here are the most searched features:
• To inspire trust, integrity, with moral principles.
• Have paternal instincts.
• To have a sense of humor, to be intelligent, passionate, generous and self-confident.
• To know how to listen, to be romantic, to be good in bed, to know how to cook, to clean and to have a good financial potential.
• Have a sense of style, beauty and know how to show off their skills.
But, dear men, do not be obsessed with these traits, because it is almost impossible to have them all. What you can do is adopt the philosophy that underlies many of them, which is self-confidence that allows you to control your energies and channel them appropriately to understanding, empathy, and a sense of humor, while ensuring your calm. necessary to deal with the counter-performances that life brings in your way. Attractive men are aware of their limitations and strengths and, above all, they never lose their temper and are not aggressive. They always seem to know what to do in any situation.
In terms of physical qualities, the conclusion of the studies was surprising. What makes a man attractive are his legs. Most of the women interviewed found particularly attractive men who had legs that were about half their height. This perception is based on an evolutionary judgment system, because people with too short legs are related to health problems such as type II diabetes.

In 2000, Mel Gibson starred in a film about how to understand what women want. The idea was to show that men never know what women think, what they need and what is going on in their heads. His character in the film did something revolutionary, he tried to put himself, literally, in the shoes of women and to understand them. Even though Mel heard the women’s thoughts in the movie, she found that they were not what he thought they were. Probably none of you, dear men, will have the chance to find out what women want by reading their thoughts, but psychology is on your side, and experts say that there are special things that women want from men in life. their (and have nothing to do with expensive gifts).
So what do women want? When it comes to a couple, there are certain qualities, which are essential, even indispensable, for things to work. Women do not need partners who invest all their energy in proving how strong, masculine or heroic they are. They only want men who treat them properly and who are able to make sure that the spark of romance stays lit. So the aspects, which I will list below, can help a relationship a lot:

Leliana Parvulescu

Respect: when a woman is not respected is one of the main reasons why a relationship can end.
Open communication: not for a day, but it should be a regular practice, which will help you avoid quarrels and understand what your partner likes, what bothers her or worries her.
Sincerity: it is about being open and not giving him reasons to doubt you.
Trust and integrity: both are essential for the relationship to continue and not become toxic.
Responsibility: it refers to your actions and behavior, accepting when something is your fault and looking for a solution together, taking things in stride and avoiding sinking into a game of blame that only creates a toxic environment.
Taking into consideration the feelings of others: this means being aware that what your partner feels can be real and in the end you really have no way to dispute this. If she says she feels misunderstood, so be it.
Friendship: this does not mean that you have to be her best friend, but rather treat her the way you treat other close friends.
Emotional maturity: it is important to behave like an adult when the time comes, to see things with maturity and without fits of anger when things do not go the way you want.
Support: this is the main value of a couple, it is about feeling that you are a team and that you are on the side of your partner when he needs you.
Sensitivity and validation of the other person’s experiences: it is about taking them into account and not making them feel inferior because they are women.
Privacy: bringing emotions and the feeling of adventure back into the relationship, taking into account the needs of the other person, spontaneity and openness to new experiences lead the relationship to a good path, in a safe way.
Camaraderie: performing tasks together in the relationship, support and understanding when the partner is too tired.
Show your love: not only by words, but especially by deeds and actions. Women need beautiful words, appreciation, praise, hugs.
As for sex, don’t reduce everything to “sports” or penetration. It is true, an important part of the relationship, but it can not only be physical, women have other needs that must be met, especially emotional ones.

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