A new series of slot machines «Unigames Magnum» was presented by Unigames, at the “Entertainment Arena Expo” exhibition, which was held this year in Bucharest between 2 and 4 September.

Unigames gaming machines were presented at the Babylon Games SRL stand, the only Romanian representative of Unigames company’s products.

Babylon Games, operator on the gambling market, continues to build up step by step its slot machines network, and as a result of close co-operation with Unimages, Ukraine, realizated the ‘’Unigames Magnum’’ game machine which was presented this year at the exhibition gambling expo.

Unigames LTD has started its activity as gambling operator 25 years ago when slot machines were operated by a rudimentary lever instead of buttons. In 2009, when the gaming market was closed in Ukraine, Unigames LTD concentrated its human and financial resources in the creation field and production of gambling slot machines. Even if, it is not the largest producer in the world, it is certainly the most flexible and high reaction rate in the respect of adaptability to customer requirements.

“We have set aside all the games created between 1998 and 2009 and we started the strategy of ‘developing’ a gaming machine from scratch. This was not because the 1998-2009 products were bad, but because of the main value of the product, which is in us, in our ideas, psychological tricks and other technologies that can not be lost. We continued in absolute freedom, to create a new product, beautiful and modern, relevant for the current market. Nowadays we are known in many countries, and we do not want to stop here “, Oleg Galatov, Director of Unigames R&D department, declared exclusively for Casino Life & Business Magazine.

Currently the number of video games created by Unigames exceeded 30, among them are Bingo, Keno, Poker, Jackpot. Babylon Games SRL selected very carefully a total number of 15 games, reporting to the requirements of Romanian market, which has been implemented in Unigames Magnum gaming machine that it is operated since the beginning of 2013.

Unigames LTD created, owns and provides a system for online monitoring and control of slot machines, which is part of the slot machine ‘Unigames Magnum’, but it can be used for any other type of device that allows you to control the financial and technical information via the internet.

“For us, the adaptability to the needs of each country’s market is the main feature. We are aware that is not enough to translate the game into the language of each country, but it is imperative to understand the type of game that is used by the players in the region and to solve the problems for our buyer and its recipient’s. While other manufacturers of gaming machines buy a license to use a theme from a movie recently released for a new game, we get on a plane and go to listen to our customers’ needs.”, Carlos Gamarra, Unigames Founder, declared exclusively for Casino Life & Business Magazine.

In 2014 Babylon Games SRL obtained the status of official distributor of Unigames LTD brand products, offering for sale and rental gaming devices in two types of cabinets with two monitors, featuring modern graphics and high resolution games.

Babylon Games is confident in the future both for its activity and for its business partners.

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