Violence has never been or will ever be an option. Violence is the one to destroy souls, breaks families apart and steals the future.

This campaign features Andrei Stoica and Bogdan Stoica, brothers and world Superkombat champions. Their desire is to point to the fact that sometimes, when rushing through life, we cannot see around and take attitude against something that affects us deeply, whether we are children, women, men, sports people or average people: violence.

Today, violence gets a lot of media attention and it happens in any social environment; hence, it is necessary to place the anti-violence message back into the natural flow of our existence.

More sports people and other public figures will join forces to deliver anti-violence messages.

For the pilot project, the spokespersons will be two world Superkombat champions, Andrei and Bogdan Stoica, who have an impressive number of fans: they are the most suitable people to convey the messages about violence. The purpose of this event is to gather the community of the contact sports around these two young men and others who will associate in their fight against violence.

Under the message ‘These hands say NO to VIOLENCE’, the campaign wants to draw attention to the danger mainly facing the young generation for which the violence escalates into the most tragic consequences. Violence damages both the victim’s life and also of the attacker’s. There are no winners or losers in violence, everyone is a victim.

The campaign started in Bucharest by spreading stickers for cars or for the partnering locations, with an easy-to-memorize message: WE SUPPORT THE STOICA BROTHERS AGAINST VIOLENCE.

‘We have been recently involved, against our will, in situations with a violent potential, lacking a real substance. Our association in this campaign is more than welcome, mainly because neither me nor my brother, Bogdan, comes near violence in any way. Our main goal is to gather together people who do not believe in violence or promote it. The young people must understand and comply with our message. Take up sport, not violence! said Andrei Stoica, the en-titre Superkombat world champion.

The campaign against violence debuted at the end of July and will go on until December this year, at a national level. Starting with September, this campaign will reach the high schools, when more sports people and public people will deliver the anti-violence message to the 12th grade students.

We want to acknowledge our partners to this project and also to the authorities that have acclaimed this campaign and will support us for its entire course.

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