Major scandal in Great Britain

Phil Bardsley, the Sunderland team player, has started a huge scandal in Premier League, after being caught far gone in drink at a casino. He was photographed while lying down at that location, in a pile of 50-pound bills all over and next to him.

Phil Bardsley went to the casino along with some of his peers and he made a sight of himself. Because of the scandal, his future professional relation with the team seems to be jeopardized. Bardley was harshly criticised by his coach, Paolo Di Canio. ‚Bradley was just wasted. He could not even listen to what he was told. There is no excuse for such behavior’, said Paolo Di Canio.

The club image, estimable

Sunderland’s technician said that Phil Bardsley would never play with the team as long as he is a coach there. ‘From now on, we will have stricter rules for the players, as the image of our club is worthier than anything else. We must respect our club and, hence, our fans. If anyone is guilty, he should take responsibility for that. Should I be the only to answer for it, I would ban these players from the team next year, said the Italian coach from Sunderland.

Who is Phil Bardsley?

The soccer player is 27 and had been with teams like Manchester United, Rangers, Aston Villa and Sheffield before joining Sunderland Club. He comes from the Scottish national soccer team. Even though he was born in Great Britani, Bardsley was able to play at the Scottish team because his father was born in Glasgow.

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