New member in the PokerStars team

No one expected to see the sensual blonde Tatiana Barausova behind the name of Myster_Y. Along the years, now known as the Russian poker princess, she has fought and won against many players at the game tables.

Her identity has remained secret for long and the only clue they had about her was the incredible aggresivity while playing. Last December, Tatiana Barausova joined the online PokerStars team, being the second woman to do it, after Adrienne ‚talonchick’ Rowsome. Her playing style would have never disclosed the fact that she is a woman.

Encouraged by her brother

Tatiana’s story began the moment she saw her brother playing online poker. She wanted to do the same and became a master in online poker. Shortly after that, she made her first deposit and started learning the game on micro betting. In a few months, Tatiana was going to cash games on medium betting, and now she is a successful player at the tables betting from $3/$6 to $25/$50. She reached the Supernova Elite level in 2011 and 2012 and she is determined to become better and better. Even though she kept her identity secret for a long time, Tatiana Barausova said in an interview for PokerStrategy that she was not an unknown player at all. ‚I did not do it on purpose, I just did not see the advantages I might have been interested in. I was playing online a lot, offline very rarely and I was not active on the forums, as I have always liked reading better than writing. But I was not anonymous – I think that more than 50 professional players had known me before a I turned pro at PokerStars’, explained the Russian woman.

Changes after coming out

The Russian poker princess has spoken about the issues that emerged after she disclosed her identity. ‚The regular players at the cash games are now playing differently, of course! I feel like someone is trying to do outpay for every hand. The players are more aggressive when in a pot with a girl. Nevertheless, I cannot say I don’t like it – poker is much funnier now,’ says Tatiana. ‚I am not a great player, but I am working hard to reach the poker elite,’ concluded the seductive blonde.

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