Yola Berrocal

Yola Berrocal ranked Number One for being the game most played and Number Two as the game that generates the most income for online casinos.

The Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots truly is a winning formula for operators.

Spanish operators have been able to see the potential of the MGA Games 5-reel slot games following the launch of “Yola Berrocal Wild West” the long-awaited new instalment in the Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots series. In its first two weeks, the game managed to rank as the number one slot game most played and has become one of the highest income generating games, ranking as the number two slot game for generating the most income for Spanish operators.

The company, specialists in creating localised slot games for global operators, explained just a few days ago its firm commitment to the development of 5-reel productions with their campaign “At MGA Games we are also 5” and the results have not been disappointing.

As Joan Sanahuja, CEO and founder of MGA Games says: “We believe we have cracked a winning formula for all online casino operators. Yola Berrocal has allowed us to demonstrate the extraordinary potential of our casino slot games. This trend, we believe, will continue in our upcoming and future productions, positioning us the reference for all slot games, including the 5-reel slot games.“

The new Spanish Celebrities Casino Slot games series successfully combines a localised product with a celebrity personality, well-known and popular with the general public. Whatsmore, the new series brings to the 5-reel game more innovation, new graphic styles, exclusive music, totally updated visual effects, and new mathematics with low, medium and high volatility that adapt to each type of player.

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