Why does Romania stand out in the iGaming world?

Romania is among one of Eastern Europe’s most exciting economies.

In 2022, the country was named a ‘digital challenger’ in a new McKinsey report, “Digital Challengers on the next frontier.” According to this report, the country’s digital economy could be worth €52 billion by 2030, accounting for almost ten percent of the country’s GDP.

There’s a good reason for the estimate. Romanians are famous for their tech literacy, and high rates of internet access enable the country’s population of 20 million to embrace internet-based services and products.

For the iGaming industry, this creates a solid foundation on which to expand.

The country’s online gambling regulations were established back in 2013, and today the country is one of Europe’s best-regulated markets. However, regulations have been loosened — specifically to allow international operators to acquire an online license without opening a land-based casino — in order to bring in more investment.

There are several main reasons why Romania is such a competitive market and a popular choice for iGaming operators nowadays:
● It’s a fully regulated market with established rules and licensing requirements.
● It has one of the most active gambling markets in Eastern Europe (a total GGR of €900 million a year).
● Gambling is viewed as a perfectly acceptable pastime in Romanian culture.
● Romanian residents are allowed to take part in all sorts of gambling activities (roulette, baccarat, slots poker, sports betting, etc).

Overall, it’s easy to see why Romania tops the list of target markets for many new iGaming businesses. That’s why Slotegrator, one of the iGaming industry’s leading software and business solution providers for online casino and sportsbook operators, jumped into the Romanian market.

At the end of 2022, Slotegrator obtained a Romanian B2B license from the National Gaming Authority (ONJN). This license allows B2B providers to offer their products and solutions to licensed Romanian operators.

Slotegrator’s turnkey online casino software, which is licensed in Romania, includes the following modules that make it perfectly suited to the market:
● The Artificial Business Intelligence module, which gives operators instant access to crucial information and analytics. Operators can get detailed reports covering any period of time and see changes in the casino’s performance. It allows operators to compare their project’s Key Performance Indicators with others that operate in the same market.
● The Risk Management module, which aggregates and compares data to identify non-reliable players and help operators to protect their profits. As of this year, it collects Big Data to reduce risks.
● The Bonus module, which offers new opportunities for implementing bonus strategies and anti-fraud protection options from bonus abuse.
● The KYC module, which fulfills legal requirements as well as protecting players and casinos. This module smooths out the ID verification stage of player registration by allowing operators to specify the list of documents players need to submit. As of July 2023, this module has improved functionality.

According to Slotegrator’s analytical reports, the use of these features helps online casino operators increase sales by up to 23%, including by avoiding opportunity costs.

It is a win-win combination for demanding customers that can be satisfied with its solution that fully complies with the requirements of Romania as a jurisdiction and a powerful online gambling market.

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