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Waiting for a new relaxation Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial – edition 125 / July 2020

We have suddenly passed the middle of the year and the virus crisis is not over, on the contrary, it seems more common.
We were waiting for a new relaxation, but things seem to be going crazy again.
Nothing is going right and, already, a cold wind is coming that brings not only autumn but an entire economic crisis.
Things are not good at all and, on top, many countries are beginning to deny us the pleasure of having a peaceful holiday.
But we’re going to get over that and get back to normal life.
In fact, to life in a new normalcy.
We just have to be patient!

Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial – edition 125 / July 2020

CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE proposes to raise the curtain and to disclose from the backstage of this business, it is a bridge between casinos world and the great audience. The magazine, the first of this type of advertising, is the promoter of the casinos industry and gambling in Romania, each issue containing sections dedicated to the gambling places in the country, famous international casinos, games, history, on-line casinos, cruise-ships.

Famous players, public persons, people that matter in the contemporary business world will share their experience and opinions about the fascinating casinos world, inside the interview section.

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