Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO NOVOMATIC România

Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania: «We have chosen to set priorities focused on analysis, efficiency and practical solutions»

“Prevention” seems to be the key word of the year, when our health also depends on it, but also the prudence with which the business environment adapts with short-term plans, to face long-term challenges. Ultimately, it is the only viable solution for businesses to get back on track after COVID-19. NOVOMATIC Romania has decided to maintain continuity in the face of these uncertain times through uninterrupted support, staff prioritization, active communication, offers to support partners and the implementation of prevention measures according to the new rules. Moreover, new employment contracts were signed, campaigns were readapted and platform was transferred, in full pandemic.
We are going through a health, social and economic crisis for which it is difficult to predict a final scenario. The global situation created by COVID-19 poses a real threat to people and businesses. In this context, companies are looking for business continuity and business plans are being re-evaluated. This is after, globally, the functions of the business process, finance, procurement, human resources, marketing, sales and, in general, all industry-specific operations and services, were severely disrupted.

The good news is that market leaders are constantly looking for solutions to act now and in the future, to encourage and support business partners not to lose their motivation in the face of challenges. Even in these delicate times, NOVOMATIC Romania was able to find solutions. Firstly, all staff was kept complete and safe, and secondly, partners were sustained with practical solutions and offers, with the aim to get through this crisis together, more resilient and wiser.
“NOVOMATIC Romania has demonstrated once again, it has managed to implement exemplary prevention measures, but also some measures responsible for the business environment. It has proven resilience in extreme circumstances with agility, flexibility and responsiveness, even though the spread of COVID-19 virus has proven to be quick and difficult to control. The prevention of negative effects and the business vision are factors that can compensate, for the moment, the general unpredictability”, declared Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania.
Another key word this year is “efficiency”. With passion for developing customer-oriented business plans, NOVOMATIC has chosen to go beyond just keeping the “lights on” and waiting.

Staff have been maintained, employment contracts have been signed and prevention solutions have been implemented

Even though the activity in
the ADMIRAL venues and the TIP & CASH agencies was closed during the state of emergency, the employees in the key positions always remained connected to find solutions and to keep in touch with the legislative changes. NOVOMATIC experts have always been available for counsel, but also to find strategies to reduce risks. They worked from home, kept in touch by phone and conference software, supported each other. The staff was not only kept in the same formula, but even jobs were made, from unskilled staff to management positions.
Regarding the employees from the NOVOMATIC headquarters, remote work was used during the state of emergency and continues indefinitely. After the activity was reopened, for those in a situation where the actual work depends on the presence at the headquarters, conditions of maximum safety and protection were created and adapted. To unlock access in the building, employees are greeted by a robot that scans the face to detect the presence of the mask and measures the temperature. The number of people working together has been limited, business meetings have been reorganized, non-essential travel has been limited, and safety protocols and information materials have been created in canteen, elevators, toilets and other areas of common use. Hygiene kits have also been provided for each employee and the surfaces are regularly disinfected by specialized personnel.

In new times, new strategies for business partners

NOVOMATIC Romania sustains its business partners with measures to postpone the payment of installments for the sales contracts and to suspend the payment of the rent until the resumption of the activity, a fact that was highly appreciated by the partners. For the existing leases, it offered FREE rent for the period June 15 – June 30, 2020. The partners could benefit from 2 free months to extend the existing leases, according to the conditions of the offer. It also provided partners with an additional payment facility for existing leases, through which the client could choose to pay the rent for the first 3 months after reopening the business. For the sales contracts, the partners had the opportunity to request the rescheduling of the installments from the existing sales contracts/extension of the contract by 3-6 months. These solutions offered a real help for the partners and made possible the continuity of the orders, even during the state of emergency.

As a sign of gratitude and support, the CELEBRATE & WIN TOGETHER! promotional campaign was launched, in which the first 100 orders registered on the site benefit from extra benefits. Customers can take advantage of special discounts up to 30%, up to 24 installments for the types of equipment participating in the promotion and two free months, the first and last of the contract. More details about the campaign and conditions, on:
“While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is global, I believe that there is no single approach in the business environment that is successful for all areas of activity. Therefore, the gambling industry, with the support of experts and authorities, needs to set clear priorities and adapt to the new context, with dedicated, responsible teams focused on analysis and finding practical solutions. I believe that we have successfully succeeded in this”, Added Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania.

NOVOMATIC Romania took over the operational part of the platform. In the middle of the pandemic, even during the declared state of emergency, NOVOMATIC reoriented its business plans and managed to take over the operational part of the platform. Thus, although the venues were closed, customers were able to enjoy their favorite online games and specially prepared campaigns.

ADMIRAL clubs and TIP & CASH agencies reoriented their actions towards the protection and comfort of customers

The company’s actions have been prioritized to position staff and customers first. Both in the headquarters and in the ADMIRAL clubs and TIP & CASH sports betting agencies, immediate measures were taken to ensure the safety and comfort of employees, according to the rules in force, through prevention information of various types, video and audio materials.

For the clients from the ADMIRAL halls, the ongoing campaigns were readjusted and jackpots with great values were offered for a month, as a sign of “WELCOME BACK!”, for the loyalty of the clients. The draws from the clubs were resumed throughout the country, and for the selection of participants, they will be broadcast LIVE in each club. Thus, customers will be able to enjoy the same ADMIRAL experience, but in complete safety.The world has changed, but we learn the lessons along the way. As a result, society as a whole, but also the business environment, will develop a better understanding of how to act in crisis situations, in order to be better prepared for future incidents.
“The endurance lesson came for NOVOMATIC in a year of celebration, in the year in which we had to enjoy a memorable party for the 40 years celebrated in Austria and the 30 years of NOVOMATIC Romania. And for now, we have learned that the passion for gambling and the experience that underlies the business will motivate us to successfully overcome any crisis” concluded Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania.

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