by Liudmila Sapega, Founder of the company Satin Fashion Uniform

Satin Fashion Uniform, the only manufacturer for fashion uniforms dedicated to the gambling industry
Satin Fashion Uniform started as a result of a gap in the clothing market.
Throughout my 20 years of experience in the gambling industry I constantly faced a problem with dressing my employees.
There wasn’t a company which would produce clothing that meets specific requirements of casino workers. After several failed attempts to solve the issue I came to a conclusion that it is necessary to produce uniforms for the gambling industry.
I wanted to create uniforms that would mind the intricacies of each profession. For example, dealers in a live casino can’t have pockets. Call attendants during cash-out, or barmen who raise their arms up quite often, have to have shirts and blouses that stay tucked in the pants or a skirt during movement. Moreover, specific to eastern European casinos, employees might have unique accessories such as bags for money and keys, hence Satin Fashion Uniform also produces leather accessories.
Our uniforms are designed to be durable and comfortable because casino employees might have shifts that last up to 12 hours. Our footwear is modeled to have more space for toes and heels that don’t stress the foot over long periods of time.
The seams in our clothes are elastic to enable free movement and prevent tear. The fabrics and dyes are durable for long wear periods and regular washing cycles.
To maintain comfort and durability of clothing, we pay much attention to the choice of fabrics.
In shirts, for example, we use “easy-care” fabrics, which prevent crumbling in areas of active body movement such as elbows and armpits. Moreover, we can treat fabrics with extra material such as teflon, to prevent permanent stains on the clothing. Our fabrics are purchased from Italy, France, Holland, Germany and small accessories come from Japan.
To create a perfect fit for every professional we created our own measurement system.
The system takes into account not just a wider range of body sizes but also body shapes.
If someone doesn’t match the standard sizes, we are able to tailor fit our clothing for the individual.
When our uniforms are delivered, every employee receives a personal package with his/her own name on it and the instructions for care.

So far we produced uniforms for casinos, sport bets, hotels and gambling equipment manufacturers.
We are also developing a new line of sportswear and plan to produce uniforms for various other industries. Our clients are from Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia and we are planning to enter markets in Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Every client gets an individual style and a bespoke collection. For special occasions such as expos and parties, we create unique outfits for our clients such as angels with wings, extravagant birds, superheroes, fictional characters and anything out of the ordinary.
Lastly, I wanted to create uniforms that weren’t just functional, comfortable and durable, but also beautiful. In my opinion, uniforms are often poorly designed in terms of both function and aesthetic. Uniforms shouldn’t be associated with a tedious requirement of a job.
They should empower an employee to be comfortable and feel important both as an individual and as a part of a larger company. That way he will confidently perform at his best and represent the company’s best interests.
Ultimately, we want to bring fashion culture to uniform production!


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