Two Polish men were arrested last week concerning a DDOS attack on an online gambling company website.

The two men have been charged with attempted extortion connected to a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) against a Manchester-based online gambling site.

Both men were detained at Heathrow airport where it is understood they were planning to flee the country before special police officers arrested both men.

Although the online gambling company based in Manchester has not been named by police industry security specialists believe it is Club World Casino.

The men, Polish nationals Piotr Smirnaw of Warsaw, age 31 and Patryk Surmacki, 35 are charged with trying to blackmail the company for tens of thousands of pounds or the company would suffer more DDOS attacks following such an attack on the company on the 2nd August.

As many in the sector know this is a growing problem and some companies pay these attackers off rather than potentially suffer a loss of business which apparently happened to Club World Casino for some 36 hours on the 2nd August.

In this instance the company rather than paying decided to call in the police.


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