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The practice of gambling in 2021

Honesty, responsibility and transparency in gambling activity

Article from the series “Gambling practice“, by Anchidim Zăgrean, President of ROMBET

Legality, impartiality, active role and availability in gambling are principles that must underpin the conduct of business by the specialized body for the regulation, monitoring and control of gambling, but it is essential that these principles be found and in the activity of gambling organizers or in the public event of representatives of professional bodies.

Based on these principles, the National Gambling Office has the obligation to comply with the legal norm regarding:
– uniform, fair and non-discriminatory application of special regulations;
– ensuring the protection of gambling participants so that they are organized in an honest, accountable and transparent manner;
– prevention of possible changes in terms of construction, data or initial parameters, so as to affect the elements of chance or selection methods in the activity of gambling.

The practice of implementing certain provisions of the special regulations is carried out by the specialized body, by adopting Orders, Decisions or Instructions and at the time of their approval it must be ensured that the legal provisions regarding:
– ensuring the integrity and transparency of the operations carried out by and through the gambling organizers, as well as of a fair, supervised and permanently verified gambling system from the point of view of the security and correctness of the activities carried out;
– preventing and combating criminal activities that can be carried out through gambling;
– implementation of a continuous process of updating regulations in order to reduce and limit possible vulnerabilities of this economic sector to potential criminal activities, as well as to reduce exposure to the risk of money laundering and financing of acts of terrorism, tax fraud, crime computer science, as well as the prevention of crimes related to public order, national security and public health.

The practice of gambling in 2021
practica jocurilor de noroc

The measures adopted, in the past period, aimed in particular at reducing or eliminating fraudulent gambling and in the current period has begun the implementation of measures, of a qualitative nature, in the activity of gambling, necessary to comply, in particular, the rules of above but also to ensure the principles of honesty, responsibility, transparency and last but not least to ensure the protection of players. In this respect, the rules on the minimum technical conditions for checking the means of play were also adopted and then corrected.

It is at least surprising and incorrect (speaking of honesty), the public position of some representatives of professional bodies towards these rules, especially compared to the 24-month deadline granted for the implementation of the new rules for verifying the technical conditions of operation. I say this given that the main legal provision has been in force since 2009 and established that these technical verification rules will be adopted by joint order of the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Public Finance, and for one year, (so no 24 months), these verifications will be performed according to the norms existing on the date of entry into force of GEO 77 of 2009. Subsequently, more precisely starting with June 12, 2015, the provision of GEO 77, updated, was amended by a new norm, according to which the minimum technical verification conditions, used by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology and by the conformity assessment bodies, are established by order of the president of ONJN and for the first year of application of the emergency ordinance, the technical control of the machines, installations, devices, gambling tables and other means of play will be carried out according to the technical norms in force. This last provision, which is still in force, practically limits the period for the entry into force of the order on the minimum technical conditions for the verification of means of gambling to one year after its adoption, as can be understood from Article 19, paragraph 6 of the emergency ordinance, to which we refer.

Practically, until the adoption and then the correction of the ONJN order, from the date of entry into force of GEO 77, 12 years passed, to which is added 24 months, provided by this order, for the implementation of the new technical conditions for verifying the means of gambling. exploited. Will it be much, will it be a little… .for the adoption and entry into force of regulations for the implementation of existing legal provisions?

We return, in the following issues of the magazine, with other opinions on the activity of gambling …

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