Did you know …about Pope Benedict XVI

Last month, Christians were in shock to hear that Pope Benedict XVI announced his decision to resign from the highest position of the Catholic Church. The event will take place on February 28, after eight years of him being the head of the Church. Few people know, though, that a vehicle that used to belong to the Pontiff is now in the possession of an online casino.

A young German medical aide, Benjamin Hable, is now the proud owner of the Volkswagen Golf IV car – six-year old and 75,000 kilometers – that was the cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s.
After the Cardinal had been elected Pope Benedict XVI, Benjamin Hable put the vehicle up for auction on eBay. The starting price was €9,999 and went up to almost 190,000. Golden Palace.com, the online casino, was the one to pay this impressive amount and became the owner of the car.

Copycat car for a faithful believer

Helmut Brossman, a German businessman, joined that auction a few years ago, but he did not bid enough to get Pope Benedict XVI’s car. A devoted believer, he really yearned to have a similar one. Hence, he asked the Volkswagen company to make himself a copy of the vehicle that the Pontiff once owned. The amount that the businessman paid to indulge his desire has not been disclosed.

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