Gamblification phenomenon in evolution

Gamblification has become an increasingly common buzzword in the world of video games, as game developers attempt to wow new players with elements of chance.

Some welcome these new features, while others are more hesitant. In this article, you’ll discover more about this concept and how it impacts iGaming digital marketing and the broader iGaming space.

What is gamblification?

Gamblification refers to incorporating elements into video games that resemble gambling. This can range from minor additions to games without a gambling focus to primary gaming mechanics.

Videogames might include more straightforward gambling in the form of mini-games, where players can engage in a game of cards or roulette in addition to the main gameplay. Another common example is a loot box. This is a package of in-game rewards that a player can buy, either for game currency, fiat currency or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

The player doesn’t know exactly what’s inside the loot box until it’s opened, making each one of them an exciting surprise. Some games, especially Japanese gacha games, focus entirely on the loot box mechanic.

In the blockchain gaming space, gambling is an important feature — it lets developers incorporate blockchain trades into their games in a natural way. Players enjoying blockchain games can gamble for prizes such as:

Loot boxes containing desirable items, such as new character skins, equipment, power-ups or in-game currency
NFTs, unique digital codes for artwork or in-game items that can be saved or traded
In-game currency to spend on upgrades, skins, power-ups and other in-game items

Gamblification for iGaming digital marketing

Gambling elements have important implications for iGaming digital marketing. Essentially, these elements bring together two different spheres of gaming: conventional videogames and iGaming, creating new possibilities for any iGaming marketing agency.

This can offer players an introduction to the fun of gambling through their favorite online games, for those who may then want to investigate other games and iGaming services. There’s also a strong social element around gaming, even in the context of single-player games. Fans love getting together online to talk about the games they’re playing, share tips and trade stories.

This creates a golden opportunity for iGaming digital marketing, as players will want to know about all the latest games and offers and share them with their friends. Offering free gifts, like in-game currency or loot boxes, in exchange for posts and shares can help to prompt user engagement. Of course, gaming forums, groups and pages are the perfect places to run online ads for iGaming services.

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