iGG Day Two Recap: A Successful Summit Comes to a Close

As the only media partner from Romania of Eventus International we have received the following press release regarding iGG Day Two:

Day Two of iGaming Germany 2023 began with great anticipation as industry leaders, legal experts, and gaming enthusiasts reconvened to delve further into the intricacies of the German iGaming market. The morning session commenced with a presentation by Martin Arendts, Founder of ARENDTS ANWÄLTE, who provided a comprehensive overview of the gaming licensing procedures in Germany. His presentation elicited a buzzing response and attendees were eager to have their questions answered on the topic.

Following the presentation, a panel discussion focusing on capitalising on opportunities in the newly regulated German iGaming market took place. Bernd Henning, CEO of iGamingConsult.com, skillfully moderated the session. Esteemed panellists further added to the prudent discussion, including Mikkel Taanum, Gesina Kunkel and Jochen Biewer who all shared their expertise and perspectives on how industry players can maximise their potential and navigate regulations in the German iGaming landscape.

According to Jochen Biewer, Managing Director of Chevron Group, the acquisition cost for German players is higher compared to other countries. However, statistics indicate that German players tend to stay loyal to companies that cater to their preferences.

After a networking tea break, the conference resumed with a panel discussion titled “Innovate Them Out: How Innovative Product Development Can Help Combat the German iGaming Black Market.” Henrik Norsk Hoffman, Partner at Nordic Gambling, expertly moderated the discussion, allowing the panellists to explore the role of innovative product development in combating the challenges posed by the illegal gaming. Margarita Cruz, Alexis Wicén, Robert Lenzhofer and Frank Hesse contributed to the crucial discussion; shedding light on the potential of innovative solutions to the issue.

“I believe in collaboration, and I think if operators and regulators work together we can make progress in driving out the black market.”
– Margarita Cruz, Commercial Director – International, M&A Strategic Consultancies

The conference then transitioned to a virtual presentation by Victoria Melnyk, Business Development Manager at Cryptomus, who delved into “The Psychology of iGaming and Cryptocurrencies.” Her thought-provoking presentation delved into the psychological aspects that underpin iGaming experiences and the implications of cryptocurrencies in the industry, captivating the audience and providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of iGaming.

Following the virtual presentation, participants indulged in a delightful networking lunch break, filled with delectable lunch options, a mouthwatering array of pastries, and refreshing beverages. The tantalising spread not only satisfied culinary cravings but also served as a catalyst for engaging conversations, exchanging ideas and fostering fruitful partnerships based on the morning’s insightful topic discussions.

As participants reconvened, a panel discussion focusing on navigating the complexities of game development took place. Jan Kretschmer, Senior Manager Public Policy at LOTTO24, expertly moderated the session. Panellists joining the discussion included Robert Lenzhofer, Julian Tietz, Thomas Wendt, and Matthias Gerber. Distinguished industry leaders shared their professional opinions on the matter.

A fireside chat titled “The Future of the Scandinavian iGaming Market” lit up the conference room, featuring Henrik Norsk Hoffman, Partner at Nordic Gambling, and Heikki Koivula, Senior iGaming Compliance Advisor at Legal Gaming Attorneys at Law. The discussion centred around the future prospects and trends within the Scandinavian iGaming market, providing attendees with valuable insights into this thriving sector.

As the conference drew to a close, Jan Feuerhake, Chairperson of iGG 2023, took the stage to deliver the closing remarks, leaving participants with a profound sense of inspiration and reflection. With gratitude, he acknowledged the invaluable knowledge gained throughout the event, recognising its potential to reshape the iGaming market in Germany. Attendees were not only enlightened by the insightful discussions and presentations but also captivated by the beauty of Munich and as closing remarks were made attendees bid farewell to this remarkable gathering and eagerly anticipating future endeavours in the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

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