The offer can influence the inspiration at Get’s Bet, part of the series Bookmaker Log

The bookmaker log from Get’s Bet continues and explains the great advantages which the house advertising offers you. And, so you do not believe that we use empty words, we present you clear proofs of the opportunities which we offer you.

Therefore, we will discuss about Super Bonus. The winning tickets which contain minimum 6 played events benefit of a Winning bonus between 5% and 100%! As a minimum condition, the odds from a ticket have to be higher or equal with 1.25, and, if certain events receive the odds 1.00 (due to the reasons listed in the Regulation), the Bonus is calculated reported to the number of outstanding events which observe the condition. Also, a ticket qualifies for Super Bonus if the events do not benefit of Maxi-Cote (other house bonus – special, increased odds for certain events).

Some examples, to understand better what it is about: a ticket with 10 played events will benefit of a win bonus of 25% over the potential winning. However, these amounts increase if the number of events from the ticket Is higher (at 15 events – 50%, 20 events – 75%, 25 events or more – 100%).

We present you now the way in which this Super Bonus is translated into practice. Namely, two winning, awesome tickets which contain 12 events (Super Bonus of 35%) and 13 events (Super Bonus of 40%). Thus, on the ticket with 12 events, the player who used, generally, bets from the category of “goals”, betted 15 lei and ensured an eventual gain of almost 7.500 lei. Over this amount, the Super Bonus “intervened”, which added other 2.622 lei to the inspired better, resulting a total gain of over 10.000 lei! (photo 1) Impressive!

A spectacular ticket with 13 events based on matches from inferior leagues or from European female football, with modest odds (between 1.25 and 2.05), without chasing great surprises, and with a total decent stake – 15 lei, led to an odd of a little over 231, which translated in a gain of 3.300 lei. But, the percentage of 40% applied to this amount increased the gain to over 4.600 lei! (photo 4) Amazing!

At the end of this beautiful story, we want to show you an incredible ticket, created from two events, with very interesting special bet! Namely, 1/1&3_. Meaning that the host team is first at halftime and wins at the end and during the game at least 3 goals are dropped! The type of bet by you succeed in increasing consistently the odds to victory of the host team, which is the favorite one! Consequently, at Hertha – Stuttgart 3-1 (2-0) the odds of 2.20 at the victory of the team from Berlin transformed in one of 5.40! And the victory odds of the hosts of 2.35 from West Ham – Southampton 3-0 (1-0) became one of 5.30. Thus, from the two events it resulted an odds of 28.62. And at a total stake of 200 lei a winning of over 5.400! occurred! (photo 2). What beautiful life seems sometimes!

And, if you are jealous, we let you admire another ticket, a classic one with 6 events (with an event from Maxi Cote), played at sign, with a stake of 50 lei and an excellent winning: more than 1.900 lei (photo 3).

Conclusion? Inspiration is related to the way in which we know to exploit a generous offer, which you will always find at Get’s Bet!

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