Jucăm Responsabil. Ne Vaccinăm.

Romanian Bookmakers, Rombet and Romslot launch the “Play Responsible! We’re getting vaccinated!”

Industry joins forces

Employees and customers of betting agencies and slot machines halls challenged to help fight the pandemic by personal example

And I am getting vaccinated! Be good to you, be good to me, be good to all of us! It’s the central message of the campaign “We play Responsibly! We’re getting vaccinated!” – an initiative embraced by the leading companies in the Romanian gambling industry, both sports betting agencies and gambling halls.
The social responsibility campaign is aimed at employees and customers of the industry, and in the background are their families and the general population of Romania. Boldly, the sector seeks to join the authorities in sending clear, pro-vaccination messages. Because every employee vaccinated is a living example that vaccination is vital. Unlike the other campaigns carried out so far by the authorities, at the heart of the “We Play Responsible! We’re vaccinating!” are the gambling employees themselves. People of all ages, from attendants to operators and from human resources inspectors, marketing specialists, and coordinators to industry executives and marketing executives. But it is not the function of these people that matters. It is the authentic story they must tell. All have gone through pandemics and temporary unemployment. All are looking for a solution to a life that they did not know how to enjoy until the advent of COVID-19. In total, 30 employees have pro-vaccination arguments, dismantle the myths associated with vaccinations, and challenge skeptics to think about all the things they will do post-vaccination and post-COVID-19.
The 30 examples will be distributed both online and offline, targeting all age groups. From social media to TV spots, from active dialogue with health authorities to meetings with journalists, Romanian Bookmakers, Rombet, and Romslot aim to involve other entrepreneurs and industries to try and get involved in mobilizing employees and the population.

“I’m a warm man who likes to socialize, to be around friends. Life is short, and with immunization, we will all be able to socialize, just like in 2019, before the pandemic. I want to spend time with the people I miss.”
BOGDAN, 32 years

“For the first time, the pandemic prevented me from staying with my family, the people I respect, the most important people in my life. It has been a very tough year. I even spent my birthday alone. I want to forget about the pandemic. I want us to be okay. I am getting vaccinated!”
ANA MARIA, 30 years

“I vaccinate because I trust doctors and medical studies. I vaccinate myself because I want a normal life, with vacations, with freedoms that I did not take advantage of before the pandemic. I am vaccinating myself because immunization is responsible.”
MIHAI, 36 years

“I vaccinate myself with the thought of freedom and the life that we have before the pandemic, the joys of that time, which I often overlooked. Vaccination is responsibility; vaccination gives us safety.”
ALEXANDRA, 31 years

“The pandemic has radically changed my life. In 2020 I had to postpone one of the most important days of my life: I postponed my wedding. This year, the situation repeated itself, and I had to wait for the wedding for the second time. I am tired of uncertainty and stress. I am getting vaccinated too! ”
CONSTANTIN, 34 years

“I vaccinate myself with my mind to my daughter. She cannot enjoy her first year of school because of restrictions, distance from colleagues and people, at such a necessary time for her! Vaccination is a responsibility.”
RĂZVAN, 41 years

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