Consiliului Consultativ al ONJN Întâlnire la sediul Oficiului Național pentru Jocuri de Noroc

The Advisory Council of ONJN meeting was held today, 23.08, with the following topic:

– In order to apply the provisions of law 129/2019 for the prevention of money laundering, ONJN, as an institution with the role of sectoral regulation, supervision and controller of the reporting entities, will issue a series of instructions regarding the specificity of each type of gambling activity. In this regard, the President of ONJN appealed to the Associates to come up with a series of proposals for the preparation of these instructions. The KYC aspect has been emphasized, in the sense that any type of activity (type of licensee) must know their clients, and must come up with proposals about the way and type of information they collect about clients.

– there were suggestions regarding certain changes in the slot monitoring system to make the mapping of payments over 2000 euros easier.

– the subject of the contribution to the fund for responsible gambling has been raised, and most likely a informative statement of ONJN will be published, which clarifies that this fee is paid at the same time with the annual payment for the class I or II license.

– The technical order was brought to attention, specifying that ONJN is waiting within 30 days for proposals on the topics of autonomous betting terminals and slot machine monitoring systems.

Also at the Advisory Council of ONJN the following points were raised:

– it has been clarified that for the remote gambling licensees, in order to integrate a new game for which there is an evaluation report issued by a certifier holding the class II license, but the evaluation report is not issued specifically for Romania ( may be issued for another European jurisdiction), the game may run on the platform after the operator submits an address to ONJN specifying that the game is compliant, without the need for the game to have an express report issued for Romania.

– the problem regarding the relationship between the operators and the commercial banks was raised and the fact that the cases in which the banks notified the operators about the termination of the contractual relations are more and more. The determining factor of this phenomenon was identified as the opposition of the partner banks (from Europe and especially America) to work with banks that have among their clients gambling companies. Solutions were sought including the National Bank, but they confirmed that they had no connection with these decisions of the banks, in the sense that they did not give negative recommendations to them about the gambling industry. The CEC Bank alternative has been proposed for operators in such situations.

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