Belgium: A new Royal Decree has reduced recently the number of permitted sports betting licensees to a maximum of 31.

A new royal decree amends previous legislation to cut the maximum number of online sports betting licensees to 31.

The new legislation amends the previous royal decree of December 22 2010 and reduces the permitted number of “F1” sports betting licensees from 34 to 31.

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The previous decrees expired at the end of last year. The new decree will last until July 31, 2022.

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The government said it had listened to opinions from the Gambling Commission, the Budget Ministry and the Finance Inspectorate before deciding how many licensees to allow.

There are currently 24 active F1 licences issued by the Belgian Gaming Commission. The licensees include Unibet, Bwin and Betway.

In Belgium, a Royal Decree or Royal Order is a federal governmental decree exercising legislation, or powers the legislature has delegated to the crown as secondary legislation.
It is issued with the formal signature of the Belgian monarch, and is countersigned by a minister. Its implementation usually begins on the date that it is published in the Belgian Official Journal.

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