Whatever the Ardeal does, all the world knows

Between the German-style organization and its specific creativity. Here is why the Dracula Games are so successful in and out of the country.

Why the gambling industry? How did you end up involved in it?
By chance. This is the truth – I joined the gambling world by pure chance when Octavian Manu, BAUM GAMES General Director asked me to come to his team.
I have to admit, though, that it did not take me long to become fascinated with this dynamic, challenging world, full of promotion opportunities.
Why sticking with this field of activity and not a different one?
As I was telling you, I ‘fell for’ everything gambling represents, either slots, jackpot systems (what we are selling) or sports betting, roulette, gaming halls and the rest.

You are one of the top people at BAUM. Does it mean anything for you?
First of all, it means responsibility. I do have the duty to sell to the potential clients what my colleagues have been working on – the software to a new slot machine, equipping and branding it. This is actually my job – to sell what tens of my peers have been racking their brains on and creating within the company.

What is BAUM for you?
At the moment, this is my house. I come here early in the morning and I very often leave when the sun sets.
Also, BAUM is the top hiring company in the city of Dumbraveni, the most reliable Romanian gambling manufacturer.

What makes this company be so original?
Everything, between the German-style organization and its specific creativity. Here is why the Dracula Games are so successful in and out of the country.

What is the market novelty for BAUM this year?
Once we attended the ICE Totally Gaming 2015, we launched the newest Dracula VII multigame onto the international market, a true hit. The Romanians have been actually enjoying it since last fall and the feedback is beyond our expectations. It is now one of the most popular multigame here, having topped very many coming from other countries.
We are thrilled for us and Romania to see that a indigenous product is favored over a foreign one, especially that most employees are Romanian.

In the recent years, Baum company has been nominated by our publications’ readers as the best Romanian manufacturer in this industry. What is the significance of this trophy for you and how does BAUM do to maintain its leader position?
Every year, we are getting prouder and prouder that the readers of Casino Life & Bussines Magazine trust our products and choose us for this category. This is why, year after year, we come up with original ideas and innovative products so that we will not disappoint them. I am convinced that this is the reason for them believing in us – the fact that we have never let them down and have always met them halfway with new products.

What was the opinion of the ICE 2015 Fair visitors about the BAUM products at your own stand?

We are already a staple at the largest global gaming event and our products are a constant presence in all four corners of the world.
Besides the consecrated variants, we had an international launch for our most recent Dracula VII.

The BAUM products are regulars at the international gaming events. What is the agenda for 2015?
We are quite far from the beginning of the fall, but I would start with the most important Romanian event, E-Arena 2015, which will be surely attending from our stand. Before that, we will showcase our newest products in Colombia and Peru, our clients for several years now.

We know that Dracula’s Games multigame is highly appreciated on the Latin America market. Considering the distance, how was that possible?

Whatever the Ardeal does, all the world knows. As far as the Latin America. I don’t know what to say and why our multi games have been a lucky pot in that geographical area. Maybe because we are Latin and our blood is quite similar. I am just kidding, of course. I truly believe that our success there comes from the good products that we have on their market.

What are the company future plance? And yours?
Future plans? I think that we have known each other too well and you can already answer this question yourself: we wish to create slots to be attractive for both the players and the operators. So far, so good.

What is the biggest achievement and the failure of yours?
For me, the biggest personal victory is my five-year old son, David. Professionally, most of them are connected with BAUM. But I still sense the ‘biggest’ achievement in the horizon.

After many years and legislative bills, it seems that we are heading towards a new legislation in this industry. What will be the outcome for the EGO 92 from December 2014?
As far as I am concerned, as Sales Director with BAUM, these recent legal changes are positive. I am saying that because a number of apparent norms for manufacturers and operators have been stipulated and it will be difficult from now on to have pirated slots or not compliant with the laws.

What is your opinion about our publlication and what more should we do to be more useful for the gambling people, either players, manufacturers or operators?
I have been reading your for a long time, I would say from the first issues, and I do not think I am in the position to give you any advice, considering that whatever you are doing is the best.

Thank you and keep up with the good work!


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