Ana-Maria Marculescu

Talking to Ana-Maria Marculescu, General Manager of Nagra Gaming, operator of Eldorado gaming halls, about the COVID-19 crisis

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has no commercial solution.

➤ What did the suspension of the activity mean for Eldorado?
Eldorado has been another victim of the global situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, both socially and economically, causing huge losses for the company and major changes on all levels, both internally and to our trading partners.

➤ How and when do you expect to recover the losses?
In the current restrictive conditions, through which even the operating program has been significantly reduced, the recovery of gambling activity in Romania continues to be an ideal for operators. This situation is amplified by the uncertainty of the measures required from one day to the next, many of them being unfair in relation to other economic operators. I emphasize that the financial losses are massive, not only as a result of the suspension of activity in the first half of the year, but also of investments for the resumption of operations according to special regulations.

➤ What prevention measures did you opt for? How do health security measures influence players? What about the staff?
Eldorado is responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and has taken all necessary measures under current legislation to protect both players and staff from the outset. Of course, for everyone, these measures involve discomfort, especially for players who visit our locations for the atmosphere of play and socializing in a more relaxing environment. The interaction between the players and our staff is limited resulting in a shorter time spent in our locations.


➤ Can marketing be a way out of the crisis?
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has no commercial solution. Overcoming it requires a collective social effort combined with adequate legislative stability. The current conditions do not allow us medium or long term forecasts, which is why marketing is not the solution in such a state of uncertainty. Let’s not forget that the restrictions include limiting the number of people present simultaneously in the same location.

➤ Have you adapted your marketing plans to the new normal?
We were determined to adapt all the plans, not just the marketing ones. From this point of view, it was necessary to change our marketing strategy in relation to the updated vision of our customers, as well as their dynamics, conditioned by the COVID-19 crisis.

Talking to Ana-Maria Marculescu, General Manager of Nagra Gaming
Ana Maria Marculescu

➤ What do you think operators should do to get through this crisis? What about the manufacturers?
The gambling industry is not limited to producers and operators, but is a giant entity that determines a contribution in many other economic fields, as well as an important social component, involving tens of thousands of jobs nationwide. Our industry must become a single voice fighting for common interests, 2020 being certainly a year of challenges.

➤ How should authorities proceed to assist industry operators?
I believe that there should be legislative coherence and that the measures imposed should be proportionate to the risks posed by our work. We are talking about one of the best regulated industries that have the most rigorous measures to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. I cannot fail to mention that we would like the measures imposed on our industry to be fair in relation to many other areas with a much higher risk of public health, which have not been subject to such harsh restrictions.

Talking to Ana-Maria Marculescu, General Manager of Nagra Gaming, operator of Eldorado gaming halls, about the COVID-19 crisis