The decision to collaborate with Seven Club was one of the best professional decisions I have ever took…

The managers of one of the most important ground based network from Transylvania are exclusively talking for Casino Life & Business Magazine readers.

Mr. Romeo Dămăcuş and Mr. Mircea Născuţi, managers of Seven Club, have kindly responded to our questions. And here are the answers:

Which was your first contact with gambling worlds and which was the reason you have entered to work in the area?

Romeo Dămăcuş: After the graduation, I was searching for the safety of a job. I knew that during the 90s, to be a croupier used to be a safe job and very well paid so these were my first motivations to start working in a live casino. I have understood that this was an opportunity to build on, so I have continued to develop my career in this direction until my actual position of manager.

Mircea Nășcuţi: My first contact with gambling world was in 2001, at one of the live casino from Cluj-Napoca. I was searching for a job to provoke me and to offer me in the same time, a financial satisfaction. I have started to work as a croupier, a job which was giving me the possibility to develop a career and the financial safety I was searching for. In this moment, from the manager position for Seven Club I realize how important every step from my professional development was.

Why not live casino?  

Romeo Dămăcuş: In this moment there is no live casino in Cluj area. Even in this way, my trainings in live casino has helped me to develop my ability to communicate openly with my client and to find the best solutions to satisfy them. Because I knew that my experience in live casino is recommending me, I have chosen another challenge, the activity in Seven Club in Cluj.

club seven

Mircea Nășcuţi: The main reason I haven’t chosen a live casino is that there is no live casino in gambling industry in Cluj. I didn’t want to leave the city, that’s why I wanted to continue in the same area, but in gambling industry. I have chosen to work for Seven Club from Cluj-napoca because this is the best place where I can continue to evolve and I really like what I am doing.

What Seven Club means for you?

Romeo Dămăcuş: From my point of view, the decision to collaborate with Seven Club was one of the best professional decisions I have ever took. For me, Seven Club represents the place where I perfected my past abilities in casinos. My activity in Seven Club is a continue challenge pentru my professional career and for my personal evolution.

Mircea Nășcuţi: My motivation was given by the attention and the seriousness which are defining this brand in gambling industry. From the very beginning, I knew that my collaboration with Seven Club can give me the opportunity to demonstrate my experience and my abilities and this aspect can be noticed in the professionalism of Seven Club Network.

Do you believe that your activity can help the development of Seven Club? How?

Romeo Dămăcuş: One of my main objectives in my activity is to stay connected with everything’s happening in the gambling area. I know that this aspect represents for Seven Club the advantage in offering the best services and information to all our clients.

club seven manager

Mircea Nășcuţi: I am counting on the connection between the client and the brand. I know I am the main piece between the clients and the personal and that’s why my priority is to communicate very closed with my team and to inform my clients in the right way cause I am sure that these clients will contribute in the future to the Seven Club development.

What Seven Club means for the people from Cluj?

Romeo Dămăcuş: Due to our professionals’ services and to our trained personal, a lot of people from Cluj, with passion for gambling chose to spend their time in Seven Club. We are very well known on gambling market from Cluj due to our fast services and the pleasant atmosphere.

Mircea Nășcuţi: For Seven Club, the safety is a priority and this aspect is visible if we consider the big number of clients present in our ground based. Seven Club means for our clients from Cluj a place for entertainment, a place for nice experiences and advantages for them. That’s why we have started a new reward strategy for the players through a promotional campaign for the whole 2016.

Which is the difference between Seven Club and the other ground based networks?

Romeo Dămăcuş: Seven Club brand is a very well known in Cluj due to the top entertainment of its ground based. Every day of the week, 24 hours on a day both our clients from Cluj and the tourists are choosing Seven Club to spend their time in a enjoyable way. Our activity is distributed at the regional level, having 30 ground based in Cluj –Napoca and in all the important localities from Cluj County – 25 Seven Club ground based and the rest, Seven Bet. You can find us in Turda, Campia Turzii, Gherla, and also Baciu, Gilau and Floresti. At Seven Club our clients can enjoy a large offer of free cocktails and drinks. We are very careful with the details and this can be noticed if you are looking at the interior design and the architectural which is just the same in every single ground based.

Mircea Nășcuţi: What makes us different is the large number of last generation electronic machines which you can find in every single Seven Club ground based. Every hall includes Jackpot sustems like Mistery and Progresiv type, but also with Mistery type global Jackpot system. We have aligned the legal requests and we are having a ultra performing monitoring system which give us total transparency for the authorities in the area.

What are the advantages of Seven Club from NOA Club?

Romeo Dămăcuş: From the launching, NOA Club has been represented by a professional team of barmen trained in international competitions, a team capable to offer top services even to the most demanding clients. The professionalism of Club NOA team and shared experience with the personal from our ground based raised also the Seven Club standards.

Mircea Nășcuţi: In the future, Club NOA personal will be even more involved in the activity of our ground based, which means that the Seven Club services will be raised to the highest hospitality level.

What is the promotion from this year? Is this appreciated by the players?

Romeo Dămăcuş: The promotion launched this year is the way we want to show gratitude to our clients. The objective is to make them loyal through different programs and promotions in a very exclusive way. In this respect we have prepared a campaign for the whole 2016, a campaign which includes 4 promotions – one for every season.

Mircea Nășcuţi: I am sure that this promotional campaign brings value and satisfaction for our clients. Our promotion which is already a success, is definitely accepted bu the clients because after every extraction, the number of our clients is growing up.

What kind of surprises do you have for the Seven Club clients till the end the year?

Romeo Dămăcuş: This year the Seven Club promotions include cash rewards and luxury cars. The campaign for this year has 4 stages, one for every season. Every stage will have a different colour like blue for winter, f=green for spring, yellow for summer and Bordeaux for autumn. The presenter for Seven Club promotions will be Nicu Bendea, a well known show man.

Mircea Nășcuţi: ith every promotion, the rewars wil grw, from 550.000 RON in the winter till 700.000 RON in the autumn. We will offer at the final round a luxurious Mercedes Benz, G class due to the support of RMB Inter_auto from Cluj Napoca, authorized dealer with an experience of 20 years in the industry. We thank him with this occasion and we invite you to find any other details about our promotions on

What are the Seven Club involvements in “Responsible gaming” project?

Romeo Dămăcuş: I like to believe that every player with a passion for gambling considers gambling a way of entertainment. But for many players, gambling can have a negative part. This is one of the reasons we have decided to be part of “Responsible Gaming” project – to inform the players about the negative consequences that gambling can have.

Mircea Nășcuţi: We are ROMSLOT partners, an association which offer to the players the possibility to consult therapist specialized in gambling addiction. You can find information about “Responsible Gaming” in our ground based and also the green line launched with this purpose.

Do you want to add something else? Is there any particular thought for our readers?

Romeo Dămăcuş şi Mircea Nășcuţi:Yes, we want to say to all the gambling passionate, to play games, but to play… responsible!


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