In last month’s article, we were writing about the message that Romania and the local industry are transmitting through ROMBET representatives to the participants at the London ICE Totally Gaming 2018 exhibition on Responsible Gaming policies in our country. We were glad to see the concerted actions of our partners around the world regarding this matter: Responsible Gambling is a common platform, a space in which both companies and authorities are involved in generating the best and most effective solutions.
“Romania is no longer the most advanced, but not far behind other countries in terms of Responsible Gambling,” says Mr. Dan Ghită, President of ROMBET. “The industry has become more collaborative: I think we have received dozens of drafts related to the Responsible Gambling from partner associations, Romanian or foreign companies, NGOs and authorities. Because Responsible Gambling concerns everyone all around the world. We exchanged ideas, we discussed concrete initiatives, and I was pleased to announce all partners present in London, at ICE2018, about the state of the elaboration of a national policy under the state authority – O.N.J.N. – regarding the Responsible Gambling. Reactions were excellent and some interlocutors said they were even inspired by some actions to change or generate ideas in their own markets”.
The industry is growing at an extraordinary pace. Also in London, ROMBET representatives witnessed a leap forward over the past few years in implementing technological advancements in the production of basic machinery and services for the industry. This leads us to believe that the risks to vulnerable players can be diversified without necessarily developing into an imminent threat.
„Producers of games, especially those of slot machines, help to create a correct determinant of the industry, built on entertainment. And on chance, of course, but especially entertainment. The cinematographic universe – including its superheroes – translates imaginatively into products developed for the gaming industry. Smart marketing or client-driven products, put on the market after thorough research?
Whatever the hypothesis, there are analysts who also identify risks here, especially for adolescents, who idolize these heroes or, at least, admire them and consider them inspirational. Every dose of entertainment comes packed with some adrenaline. How little? Or how much? Is the behavior with aspiring tendencies more harmful than the simple desire to earn money from gambling? There are questions that the industry needs to be prepared to respond to „said Mr. Bogdan Coman, ROMBET Executive Director. From the point of view of Responsible Gambling policies and programs, our presence at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 was very well received.

Today’s world is more about software than hardware, and that means responsibility is increasingly transferring from game halls managers to game creators and device makers. It was extremely interesting to hear how seriously the issue of Responsible Gambling is tackled by all major game producers and service providers – it is becoming more and more obvious the involvement of a wider spectrum of „actors” in our industry in everything that Responsible Gambling means. If the Internet neutrality debate is a two-edged sword – its end could mean that Internet service providers could „dictate” what kind of content we use on and through the Internet, Responsible Gambling does not polarize society: it becomes a necessity and a practice that needs to be developed with industry.
ROMBET will continue to be actively involved in Responsible Gambling programs also in 2018, working closely with partner organizations, but also with ONJN and member companies of the association or from across the whole spectrum of business. We will further support the need for a strategic, homogeneous, industry-wide approach and will continue to inform public opinion, our members and all interested business partners about what is happening in the field of Responsible Gambling and about the progress which Romania is making in this issue.