Lista Scurtă Short List

Short List of the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry as it emerged after the centralisation of the preliminary votes.

At 24:00 on December 1, the preliminary vote for the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry 2021, the 15th edition, ended.
The large number of voters made centralization quite difficult.
Of course, there were both canceled and null votes, but, as always, the large number of voters completed the Short List, as it is known in the world of awards.

Those who voted also suggested new categories of prizes, categories that we appropriated.

Here is the Short List as it turned out after the centralisation of the preliminary votes.

1. Best Law Firm in 2021 – Simion & Banciu, Tuca Zbarcea si Asociatii, Wolf Thiess
2. Best Lawyer of the Year – Teodora Luca, Ana-Maria Baciu, Cosmina Maria Simion
3. Bucharest Gambling Floor Opening – Magic Jackpot Sos. Nordului, Winn Boss Iuliu Maniu, Eldorado 777 Red 7 Dristor
4. Outside Bucharest Gambling Floor Opening – Game World Viva Constanta, Cash Pot Ploiesti, Super Jackpot Oradea
5. Best slot room / Bucharest – Game World Mall Vitan, Magic Jackpot Plaza Mall, Fortuna Palace
6. Best slot room / outside Bucharest – 7 Club Cluj-Napoca, The Jack Palas Mall Iasi, Game World City Park Mall Constanta
7. Best manufacturer of the Year – Novomatic, EGT, IGT
8. Best client care program in 2021 – Novomatic, IGT, CT Gaming
9. CSR & JR in 2021 – Superbet, Betano, Game World Romania
10. Romanian sports betting company – Get’s Bet, GS Bet, Power Bet
11. Best integrated gambling operator in 2021 – Superbet, Fortuna, Winner
12. Profesional association of the year – Rombet, Romslot, Romanian Bookmakers
13. Live casino of the year – Palace Casino, Grand Casino, Platinum Casino
14. Slot machine of the year – G32 EGT, Sline EGT, Peak Slant 32 IGT
15. Involvement in the industry in 2021 – Dan Alexandru Ghita, Sorin Georgescu, Cristian Pascu
16. Personality of the Year – Anchidim Zagrean, Teodora Luca, Dan Iliovici
17. Conformity assessment body – BMM test labs, GLI, SIQ
18. Monitoring system of the Year – NEWTON, DRGT, SYSWIN

In addition to these prizes, our magazine will also grant Special Awards, prizes for certain categories in which, after the preliminary vote, only one competitor remained, but also prizes voted and awarded by our own editorial team.

The Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala, the official event when the awards are granted is scheduled to take place on December 9, starting at 6:30 p.m.

The host of this year’s event under the motto “Do you like opera?!”, whether it will be online or with physical presence, is, as every year, Codruț Kegheș alias Dezbrăcatu’, which will lead a show full of musical moments with surprise guests.

As every year, the awards consist of very valuable trophies made of original Bohemian crystal.

The vote that opens at this time will last until December 4 at 24:00, this final vote determining the winners of the year in each category.

As always, we inform you that the accepted votes must come to the address and have a unique IP. Voting must also contain the voter’s choice in all categories.

No more suggestions for new categories are accepted!

Vote for your Favorites! Now is the time.

You can find details about the preliminary vote HERE.

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