ROMBET became the Main Partner of the 15th edition of the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala on December 9.

ROMBET Association, one of the most active entities in the field of gambling in Romania, has become the Main Partner of the 15th edition of the Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala, an cultural event scheduled to take place on December 9, starting at 6:30 p.m.

As every year, out of the 15 that have passed since its launch, our Casino Life & Business Magazine grants the gambling industry awards to the champions of the field.
The awards are decided by the vote of the readers, but also of the editorial staff of the magazine.

And just like every year, the prizes consist of very valuable trophies made of original Bohemian crystal.

The vote for the Shortlist of Grand Awards began on Thursday, December 2 and will end this weekend.

The host of this year’s cultural event under the motto “Do you like opera ?!”, be it just online or in-person, will be Codruț Chegheș alias Dezbrăcatu’ who will lead a musical show with many surprise guests.

You can find details about who the shortlist nominees are, but also about the preliminary vote HERE and HERE respectively.

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