Starting with July, the famous brand Seven Club from Cluj opened 3 new game halls in the city of Zalău. After the official inauguration on July 8th, followed a grand opening for customers, on July 15th.
On this occasion, Seven Club organized a special evening at the location situtated in the central area, on 9Mai Street, no.2, where all present enjoyed a buffet with fine food and a diversified range of beverages. The icing on the cake was Corina’s presence, a popular singer who performed live, at the beginning of the event.
Run by an experienced team, which is involved in the gambling world for more than 20 years, Seven Club brand distinguishes itself by the attention granted to its customers and by its exclusive way to reward them.
Beside the hall in the central area, the two others new gaming halls in Zalău, on 71 Simion Barnutiu Street and that on Avram Iancu Street, building D109, are open to public 24/7, 7 days a week.
Because it is a famous brand in gambling, the new Seven Club game halls in Zalău maintain the same elegant line of interior design and the same established architectural features. All three halls have a gambling zone, a sport bets area and a bar, where customers can choose from a wide range of drinks, on the house. Due to its success so far and the appreciation it gets from the cities it is already present, Seven Club will continue to expand its game halls in the county of Sălaj, granting the highest level of security and comfort as well as customer care and services which satisfy the expectations of all clients inside an unique atmosphere of gambling.


All three game halls are equipped with new electronic machines, botch classics, popular and demanded by the gamers in Sălaj, and also new generation gaming machines from the top producers in the field. Moreover, the game halls are provided with a local Mistery system of Jackpot with 6 levels and also Progressive type with 3 or 4 levels, and even more, with a global jackpot Metropolitan system Mistery type with 6 levels, with impressive awards offered at every jackpot. The date of July 11 marks the beginning of the summer promotion of Seven Club in Salaj, with prizes totaling more than 300.000 lei. At this promotion anyone over 18 years old who plays the slot-machine games inside Seven Club halls in Zalau can participate.
Shortly after the opening of the three arcades, Seven Club organized, on July 21st 2016, its first raffle inside its summer Sălaj promotion, with money prizes totaling 11.800 lei, a raffle that will take place every two weeks. Moreover, every Friday, during the Sălaj summer promotion, between 17.00- 23.00 pm, Seven Club clients participate at the promotion called Black Friday, with special prize money, with a total value of 30.000 lei.
On September 29th, during the big draw of the Sălaj summer promotion, 10 special prizes will be granted, with a total value of 50.000 lei. Moreover, the big prize will be a Mercedes Benz GLA 220d 4Matic.
More details regarding these promotions, you can find on
Keep in mind, you can make your own luck!


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