On May 26th, ROMSLOT will attend the EUROMAT Gaming Summit, the only event dedicated to the sector of land-based gambling.

The conference will take place in Barcelona and brings together over 200 industry leaders, policy makers and members of the press.
Valentina Dobre, Vice-president of ROMSLOT, is among the speakers at the prestigious summit and is the only representative from Romania who will speak at the event.
«It is well known the very good relationship we have with representatives of EUROMAT. ROMSLOT is not only a member of the federation but also the only Romanian organization present in the board of EUROMAT. Thereby, our participation in the summit was a natural step and I accepted with great interest the invitation to be one of the speakers at the event. I will speak during the 3rd panel, which deals with the subject of legislative changes which
may impact on European industry.

valentina dobre

The theme I will approach will be the dynamics of the gambling industry in a legislative framework that keeps on changing, and I will connect it to Romania as a case study, said Valentina Dobre, Vice president of ROMSLOT.

Legislative changes in Romania – a case study for the European leaders of the gaming industry
Because we wanted to learn more about how the ROMSLOT association will approach the mentioned subject, vice-president Valentina Dobre explained it to us:
“During the last seven years, Romania has faced two major legislative changes, that represented a real challenge for the gambling industry and restored the market. Given the strong dynamics of the industry and given the fact that technology and the specificity the game brought us many times in fornt of the paradox of being unable to apply the law, we can say that legislative change was necessary. I think the example of Romania will be an interesting case study for the participants in the event. I will analyze how changes to the law have impacted the market in Romania and the challenges that operators and manufacturers had to face and I will address both legislative amendments,the one during the year 2009 and that at the end of 2014. The emphasis will be placed on the latter. “
“Also, I will approach and estimate how the market will evolve in the next period and what are the factors that will influence this development. As stated on previous occasions, inside ROMSLOT we strongly believe that it is necessary for the gaming industry in Romania to enter the era of a RESPONSIBLE PROFIT . We identified seven factors, 7 words critical to growing an honest business, with prospects for the future.
They form the map of the forces that will influence the gaming industry in 2016 and they are: partnership, reputation, online, flexibility, information, transparency and responsability. They constitute key elements to managing a business that can withstand time and promoting a beautiful experience in the gambling halls.
How operators address these elements is reflected on the legislative framework.“, continued Valentina Dobre, vice-president of ROMSLOT.

How the EUROMAT GAMING SUMMIT will unfold
Enjoying a major success of the first edition, the second edition of EUROMAT GAMING SUMMIT, the only industry event dedicated to land-based gamings, represents a real opportunity for operators to reflect, learn and prepare for changes in the market and at the level of legislation. At the same time, participants have the opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the industry and the regulations.
The event will be attended by over 200 industry leaders, policy makers and media This year’s program includes a single session for the regulators to discuss with Harrie Temmink, official in the European Commission on gaming policies and interactive round tables with topics such as Convergence, Player tracking and who leads the gaming market in Europe.

Who participates?
Among the speakers of the event great names of the slots industry in Europe are included and also regulators, because the forum hosts a panel dedicated to knowledge and interaction with them .
• Eduardo Antoja, President of EUROMAT
• Kieran O’Keeffe, Secretary General of EUROMAT
• Pieter Remmers, European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), Netherlands
• Harrie Temmink, European Commission
• Peter Naessens, Research and Development, Belgian Gaming Commission, Belgium
• Elisabetta Poso, Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato, Italy
• Carlos Hernández Rivera del Juego Dirección General de Ordenación (DGOJ), Spain
• Fernando Prats, Madrid Regional Government, Spain

ROMSLOT is a member of EUROMAT since its establishmentand is currently the only Romanian organization present in the board of the strongest federation in Europe. Thus, ROMSLOT members have access to the latest information on trends in the European slot – machines market and are constantly connected to the news regarding the industry.


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