The Association was present in London, at the most important event dedicated to Responsible Gambling

The gambling industry focuses, increasingly more, on responsible game projects that its operators unfold. The partnership is positive and leads to image improvement of the field, and the key to succeed lies in unity and transparency. This is the message that Mr. Dan Iliovici, senior vice president of Rombet, forwards after his participation in the second edition of the WRB – Responsible Gambling Innovation, an event dedicated to responsible gambling, which took place in London in September.

„For our organization, as to our members, responsible gambling is a strategic priority that should define any successful business. It is then natural to be present at such events, along with big names in the global gambling industry. It features innovation, discuss strategies, shares know-how and models of success. These are all advantages that any business in the sphere of gambling should be aware of. Rombet association’s role is, among other things, to provide the bridge between our members and external partners of discussion “, commented the Rombet representative on his participation at WrB-Responsible Gambling Innovation, in London.
Given that, internationally, the focus is increasingly obvious on the activities of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), associations representing the interests of operators in the field, as is the case of Rombet, have to face a very big challenge.

They should support and assist their members to integrate projects of Responsible Gaming in the CSR strategy that every company operating in the field of gambling should develop.
The long term benefits of such a business approach are, on one hand, the higher degree of satisfaction and therefore retention of players and, on the other hand, even attracting quality staff, which will prefer a company that takes care of its customers.
Thus, an industry often labeled as problematic may change the public’s perception over time.

But the road is a long one and requires involvement from all those interested in the good of the industry, a message that Rombet association strongly supports since its establishment.

Dan Iliovici underlined:
“We were glad to see that regardless of the country, the objective concerning the responsible gaming theme is the same. It takes commitment and perseverance from all involved, or, as stated very nicely by Mrs Sarah Harrison MBE, CEO of UK Gambling Commision «gambling organizers must make the same effort for Responsible Gambling as that which they do for innovation and increasing profits» “. And efforts must lead towards a complete package of tools with which the operators would protect their customers from the risks of pathological game. Implementing an effective self-exclusion policy was the topic of a dedicated panel during the event in London.
Once again, the message sent coincides with the one Rombet supports: self-exclusion program is an important part of RG, provided that it would be applied by all operators nationwide. And the existence of a unitary base, common for all operators, should be the goal of both legislators as well as for gambling providers.
During the debates on the subject, there were speakers who mentioned that though self-exclusion is a tool that should not be reached at but on exceptional cases, focusing on prevention, on informing the players.
Therefore, participation in such large events, such as the one attended by the Vice president of Rombet, Mr. Dan Iliovici, provides the bridge with European know-how and beyond.


Successful examples of various responsible gambling projects, debates on the legislation and its role in strategies for Responsible gambling operators, discussions on real interests and how the generation of “Millennials” can be drawn through CSR, were all on the agenda of the WrB – Responsible Gambling Innovation. “The industry’s efforts, at international level, are now focusing on responsible gambling, and this can only make us happy.

We, at Rombet, have advocated for a long time that unity, openness, transparency, information exchange are all pieces of a puzzle that, once assembled, will present a positive and accurate image of the industry. But let’s not forget that any change starts from within and, as Mrs. Sarah Harrison said, «There is more to be done» regarding responsible gambling,” concluded Rombet vice president, Dan Iliovici.

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