Rombet opened the series of seminars this year with the event dedicated to the topic “Practice regulations in gambling”, which took place on March 18th in Oradea and was resumed on April 1st in Bucharest.

The association aims to continue the series of seminars dealing with new legal regulations in the field of gambling, especially after the success that the first seminar held in December last year had, which focused on Taxation and Accounting in gambling.
Considering such initiatives as extremely helpful for those interested in the smooth running and development of the industry, Rombet concentrated – during the seminars this spring- on the implications it will have the recently adopted rules implementing the law on gambling.

An extremely important issue, especially considering that some of the biggest problems of the gambling industry in Romania are the result of the application “by hearsay” of the legislation.
Both events, in Oradea and in Bucharest, enjoyed a large audience, which can be interpreted easily as a sign that there are many those who want to understand what the implications of implementing rules recently adopted will have on the gambling industry.

Senior vice-president of Rombet, Dan Iliovici, wanted particularly to draw attention on the importance it has a better cohesion of the industry at the moment, as well as on the awareness of the force represented by the business men in the sector, especially when their interests are represented within an organized association.

“ I take this opportunity to ask you again to join an association, because only then can we gain representation. We could work closely with the authorities, we can support our idea better and more clear. We are involved in a sensitive industry; moreover, we are in an election year, and, in the case of some politicians who lack ideas and electoral programs, it might be easier to slander a domain like ours, to distract public attention from important matters like economy and society, “said Dan Ilovici in his opening speech of the event in Bucharest, at the Radisson Hotel.

Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean, Vicepresident of Rombet, presented in detail the new regulations and answered many questions that came from the audience, particularly interested in the subject of traditional games, land based, slots and gambling, licensing requirements of gambling spaces and more.

Discussions on tax and accounting issues did not lack interest, Mr. Zăgrean resuming at the request of those present, some of the topics covered in the seminar organized by Rombet late last year. “Starting from the arch-known problem of recording revenues collected from gambling, I have once again highlighted the importance of correct recording of income by the operators. The industry needs coherent advice, fair guidance and I am happy to explain to those involved and interested the mysteries of the new legislation and its regulations, “said Anchidim Zăgrean.

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During the seminar, representatives of Rombet have underlined the importance of programs such as Responsible Gaming that all operators are obliged, if they want the gambling industry to exist more 10- 20-30 years from now. “It is necessary that gambling is kept in the fun zone, of entertainment, that can be achieved on the one hand, focusing on prevention and education, and, on the other hand, for problem gamblers, on the establishment of the Foundation Public Interest, in which Rombet already expressed its intention to be amongst the founding members “emphasized Dan Iliovici.

Representatives of the association, through its president, Mr. Dan Ghită, assures us that “Rombet intends to continue such events with technical aspect, due to the desire to address the most pressing issues and questions that worry the Romanian gambling industry.”

We look forward to future seminars by Rombet.

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