Did you know… about a White House leader?

The former USA president, Richard Nixon – who came down in history for the Watergate scandal – played a lot of poker while he was in the army.

Nixon was not at all some poker player, but a skilled one. At least this is what lieutenant James Udall said for CardPlayer. ‚He was not aggressive, but he just was loving to take risks, to bluff. He would sometimes bet big money, but he knew exactly what he was doing. Once, I saw him trying a bluff with a commander. He put down $1,500 while he only had a pocket twos,’ remembered Udall.

Small wages, high stakes

Back in the 40’s, Richard Nixon was making $150 per month. But that did not stop him from playing high stakes. The one who was to become the 37-th president of the USA won $7,000 from poker in two years – the equivalent amount of $100,000 nowadays.

Poker money for campaign

The money that Nixon made from poker was used to finance his first campaign for the American Congres, writes politologist Stephen Ambrogio. While playing, Nixon was able to learn certain strategies and build skills that will prove quite useful in his political career.

The only president to quit

Richard Nixon was the leader at the White House between 1969 and 1974. Due to the Watergate scandal, he was the only American president to step down from his position. Nixon passed away in April 1994.


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