ROMBET has made numerous informative materials, articles, press news, interviews, event presentations, by which it highlighted the extremely complex matter of responsible gambling. Recently, Stanford University from USA showed, after a study, that the gambling practice is not entirely responsible for a certain type of problems or addictions. „A study initiated by the Stanford University and published in the manual of diagnostic of psychic disorders, the fifth edition, shows that there is no such thing as dependency, but rather addiction. This means that we, the psychologists from Responsible Gambling will have as arguments that not only the gambling halls are responsible for the fact that certain players get to an advanced pathology, but the fact that there is also a genetic component. The studies show that 2% from the world population is predisposed to some form of addiction,” mentioned Leliana Valentina Pârvulescu, within the event ”The Exact Time in Gambling”, organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine within Entertainment Arena Expo 2018.
In fact, within EAE 2018, the most important event of the industry from Romania, the Responsible Gambling Association – where ROMBET is a founder member – attended for the first time as exhibitioner and organized the 4th edition of the seminar “Responsible Gambling”, with the support of the National Office for Gambling (ONJN).
In the panel of speakers were present Gabriel Mutu, Bucharest 6th District mayor, dr. Cristian Andrei, consultant of the program Responsible Gambling, Leliana Valentina Pârvulescu, coordinator of the program Responsible Gambling, Cristina Buhăescu, representative of Responsible Gambling for the gambling hall of Game World, Steliana Rizeanu, coordinator Responsible Gambling, Liviu Popovici, president of the Association Responsible Gambling and Sergiu Sebesi, Executive manager of the Association Responsible Gambling. Within the seminar were approached present-day themes for the gambling industry from Romania, as well as online psychological counselling – new directions of intervention in gambling problems, examples of good practice in responsible gambling, as well as the latest trends in the therapy of gambling addiction.
The responsible gambling component was a dominant one also for the participation of ROMBET at Entertainment Arena Expo 2018 and at the seminar ”Exact Time in Gambling”, organized by our partners from Casino Life & Business Magazine. ”As the main decision makers from the gambling industry from Romania become more and more involved in the matter of responsible gambling, we discover new and new faces of this aspect which should enjoy several types of support: the first, and most important, from ONJN, which should provide its entire support for the crystallization of the programs of this type and the incrustation of the responsible practices. The second, from the part of the operators: all the companies, without exception, must understand that a business environment without problems, completely transparent, is the equivalent of a solid future for this industry. And the third one, not less important, from the part of the society, which, on the one hand, should understand that the gambling halls do not represent, themselves, a danger, but the way each person chooses to use this means of entertainment”, declared Mr. Dan Iliovici, vicepresident ROMBET.
As founder member of the Association Responsible Gambling, ROMBET will continue to initiate, support and promote, together with the other partners, programs meant to provide more transparency but also more efficient solutions – especially for prevention – in the field of responsible gambling.

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