Casino Technology presents at EAE 2018 the latest series of slot machines EZ MODULO™ that demonstrates the company’s cutting-edge technology with content, appealing to the needs of the operators.
The admired for its modern and convertible modular design EZ MODULO™ slot machine series are available in several versions, including with two full HD 27” monitors with built-in touch screen of the main monitor and optional 21.5” topper. The product line will be showcased with game package, released specially for the product line – the compeling SPEED KING™ game suite with 60 titles.
The EZ MODULO™ design is compliant with the latest tendencies, offering superior ergonomics and improved players comfort for excellent performance.
Valentina Dobre, General Manager Romania at Casino Technology commented: “The contemporary design capture the player’s attention, diversifies the operators locations and thus delivering better results. The slot series provide unique comfort and an enhanced yet familiar players experience.
The highest quality monitor, the lighting and the great sound keeps players engaged and increases time on device”.

During EAE 2018 Casino Technology will release specially for the Romanian market a new game mix. The game package is the latest addition to the successful TOWER™ series and is launched under the name of TOWER 104™. Consisting of 40 titles, It is available with TOWER™ slant top slot machine.
Valentina Dobre, General Manager Romania at Casino Technology added: “We are offering a graphically rich game package with thrilling titles that will take players on an entertaining adventure with many possibilities for win while having an intriguing quest for fun. The exclusive TOWER 104™ gives a variety of configurations for increased chances of a big win that guarantees excellent performance of the slot on the floors and give operators the expected results and even more”.
The fascinating experience is further enhanced by the 43” horizontally curved monitor with 4K resolution
of TOWER™ slant top. The sophisticated slot machine combines high end technology with ergonomics, crystal clear sound, vivid colors and LED illuminated side details, offering stability and excellent performance.
“We have installations of TOWER™ slant top all over Romania already and with the new game mix TOWER 104™ we will further enhance the interest, bringing more diversity and increasing results for operators”, explained Valentina Dobre General Manager for Romania at Casino Technology.
During the trade show will be the premiere of the new series Neon games with efficient set of intriguing game maths, different types of game mechanics and interactive bonus features that guarantee maximum slot machine occupancy.
“The great depiction of each game from the series delivers a cutting-edge gaming experience packed with thrilling features, immaculate character animations and a downpour of winning opportunities.
We are delighted to present our exclusive gaming content that hits the mark with players and operators alike”, commented Lachezar Petrov, Product Lead at Casino Technology Interactive and continued: “A new Client Hub will be presented too, offering at a glance the company’s exciting content of spectacular games. It is a tool for your game researches and purchases with included all needed marketing instruments”.

Valentina Dobre, General Manager for Romania at Casino Technology concluded: “As usually during EAE trade show we showcase a wide variety of options for operators to increase their bottom line that opens new horizons and gives excellent opportunities”.