MAGNUMBET at EAE 2022 – The offer of a successful partnership!

After more than two years of break, it was possible to organize an exhibition dedicated to gambling. We once again felt the nostalgic scent of meeting professionals in the field of gambling, held discussions with those interested, concluded new partnerships and analyzed the future of the industry with skilled and competent people. For MAGNUMBET, it was the first participation in such an event as an exhibitor. We were able to share our success story with those interested, we offered competitive solutions to problems concerning the exploitation of gambling games, which were appreciated by the participants, and above all we made new friends, partners and collaborators.

The experience acquired by MAGNUMBET allowed us to identify and propose technical and operational solutions at high standards and at competitive prices, based on Romanian know-how. The fact that we have involved in the business teams of Romanian computer scientists, who are recognized worldwide for their ingenious solutions in terms of software and applications, has allowed us to launch on the niche market product packages absolutely necessary for the development and control of gambling games, tools management without which, at present, no serious gambling operator can function.

Being probably the youngest team in the field of gambling, currently active on the national market, the characteristic passion and enthusiasm allowed us to discuss on an equal basis with the big operators but also with potential partners, who are interested in the products offered , an impressive number of betting types, to which is added the opportunity to successfully use specific MAGNUMBET promotional campaigns that can attract new customers on average between 20% and 70%. Our company owns and makes available to those interested in profitable partnerships, technical, logistical, legal and management support that allows a harmonious and solid business development, whether we are talking about the dedicated gambling halls, where we offer for exploitation the newest means of play, or by betting agencies where we offer the latest technology. The market is changing, digitization is a priority for everyone, and we offer partners the levers to enable solutions to cover all their needs, betting terminals and partner commission solutions for all online customer deposits. Of course, we also contribute to the image capital by customizing the facades with a new image, so that we offer an attractive appearance through the special design that differentiates us from the competition. Specialists in the field say that a properly arranged showcase can sell up to 30% more.

Our story is simple, a company that left Dobrogea, with a young team, that set out to expand nationally, by offering high-end services, in distinguished locations, where there is a delightful environment for players , and the prizes offered are consistent and complemented by important bonuses and promotional raffles very well received by customers. All of these are the prerequisites for a package generously offered to our partners, so that together we can succeed in developing profitable businesses for all those involved, with a high level of elegance and seriousness, which will allow a paradigm shift, the ultimate goal being the provision of entertainment services, in the true sense of the word.

In order to succeed, we developed the business in two directions, namely landbased game operation services – dedicated halls and betting agencies and online, by offering casino games, different from what existed in the market at the time of our appearance. Two aspects are important to us: a job well done and respect for partners and players. That’s why the whole strategy adopted allows us to help partners reach their potential by providing support in understanding this field, foreign to many businessmen.

MAGNUMBET, a Romanian company with exclusively national capital, aims to become the largest network that provides profile services, adapted to the specific market, for successful Romanian partnerships, which harmoniously combine the needs of partners and the demands of players. For us, the partnership is the path to success that will allow collaborators to change the players’ perception of the gambling, which will provide satisfaction, gains, but also a balance between them, beneficial to all involved – partners and players. Our strategy is simple, we look to the future, we successfully apply know-how and implement models based on the demand of partners to offer high-quality services to customers, we constantly improve the products offered, we adapt daily to market requirements, and promotion is the key to success for everyone involved.

Even if at this moment, the gambling market in our country is going through a difficult period, MAGNUMBET has set out, and will certainly succeed, to identify the best solutions and make available to the most sophisticated partners and competent tools, which allow the development of gambling businesses, at a comfortable and profitable level for both parties.

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