The great players, very praiseful

PokerFest Bucharest, on November 12-13, ended with the victory of Mihai Manole. He went home with the tournament cup and a substantial prize in the amount of EUR70,000. Big names in the Romanian poker gave us exclusive interviews before the Final Table and had the most laudatory words about this gambling treat in Bucharest.

PokerFest is the only Romanian championship that takes place around the year in the main cities of the country. The Bucharest leg has represented a record for the poker tournaments here, as it has the largest number of participants – 339 players registered for the Main Event, with a EUR300,000 pool of prizes.

Mihai Manole managed to play the best and won the Bucharest tournament. He is one of the most successful Romanian poker players, with earnings of over $1.8 millions.

Work hard, do not just wait for success to come to you

This is what Mihai Manole exclusively told after the Bucharest tournament to our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine’. ‚The tournament was like a regular day of work for me. It was long, 12 hours every day, but this is it… to win such tournament and prizes you must work hard, not to just wait for success to come your way.’ ‚The organization was excellent, very many players and better prizes… Nice to play it here,’ he said. After PokerFest, Manole left for the Carribean, meaning to play in Prague, too.
After the opening of the Full Tilt Poker site, to which team he belonged, he said,’It is very good to have a good site where we can play; only two weeks into its operation and it became the second site as number of players in the online traffic.’

Alain Medeşan goes for the pleasure

In attendance at the poker tournament in Bucharest, Alain Medesan declared to our publication that ‚the tournament had a very good organization; a new record for the eastern Europe – the greatest tournament’. ‚The hosts welcomed us warmly. As for the game, it was nice. For me, it is all about pleasure. If there isn’t any, I do not register. You can see it from the very beginning on my face that I do not like it and I quit fast. The Final Table had the highest level, with 4-5 names that are known in Romania,’ he added. Medesan is going to play in the Carribean and also at the PokerFest Brasov this month.

Dan Murariu ‚put his money’ on Manole

Dan Murariu was also praiseful when talking about the PokerFest tournament in Bucharest. ‚Organization was good, which is a big step forward for Romania. The level of players matched it,’ he explained for our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine’. Murariu, who will be playing in the Carribean and Prague soon, betted on Manole – and he was right on that.


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