As per, the Responsible Gambling Trust has commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers to independently evaluate the recent Player Awareness Systems betting industry initiative, which was designed to help people avoid gambling-related harm when using gaming machines in licensed betting offices.

Independent research commissioned and published in December 2014 by the RGT showed for the first time that it is possible to distinguish between problem and non-problem gambling behavior on machines.
In response to this finding, betting industry operators have deployed PAS across the UK betting estate, using a variety of analytical algorithms to provide alerts and appropriate interventions for customers showing signs of problem play.

PwC will understand the systems and controls designed in order to implement PAS and have full access to machine data and the algorithms being used to identify problematic behavior in order to understand whether the systems have been implemented as described.

Marc Etches, chief executive of the RGT, said: “When we published independent research into machine gambling in December 2014, we hoped to see a positive and a coherent policy response from the gambling industry.

“We look forward to analyzing the insights from PwC’s evaluation and encouraging the lessons it highlights to be applied across the industry.”


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