Dan Jipa is an IT and electronics specialist and has been running an IT and security business in Bucharest for more than 20 years.

Sebastian Gheorghiu is a musician, a cultural manager and an events producer, one of the few professionals involved in the cultural segment (more than 120 concerts a year- classic music, jazz- nationwide, during 4 independent seasons, classic festivals and contemporary art etc.) but also in the commercial (private and corporate events).
The two have been cooperating for more than 15 years and last year, following a discussion about the need to improve existing means to promote the domestic market, EnjoyTV.RO TV-station was established – a platform dedicated exclusively to transmitting events via live streaming at a professional technical quality.

The idea of television events is still little known in Romania. How did this idea come to you?
Sebastian Gheorghiu: As an events-producer, I often encountered the need to communicate to a personalized audience or to facilitate access to people who could not be present physically at my events, but were interested in them. And then I started looking for suppliers for this. I found, however, very few deals that met my needs and thus, sharing my concern to Dan Jipa, in whose technical expertise I have great confidence, he was very receptive to the idea and purchased the necessary equipment, so in a short while we laid the foundation of EnjoyTV.RO.


What is this concept actually?
Dan Jipa: Event-television means Television equipment Panasonic Full HD 1920 x 1080 camera, microphones with AKG stand, mixing desk) and operators who virtually take an event and send it live on the Internet at full HD quality, on EnjoyTV.RO platform or any other page hosting the event. It is basically a TVmini car in command, which opens access to your event both to the public in the country but also to whomever you want to address to, from anywhere in the world where there is an electronic device connected to the Internet.

And if I want to broadcast an event, but I want only certain people to have access to it?
Dan Jipa: Unlike a classic television, event-television grants you the opportunity to customize your audience. You can have an open transmission, which anyone can see, or you can keep the discretion of the event, giving access to only certain persons, based on a private link.

And once the event ended, what happens with the transmission? It automatically records what was broadcasted, or one needs to do something special for this?
Dan Jipa: The event is automatically recorded and available anytime, in the archive and in the version that was submitted. Subsequently we can talk about an extra fees but only if it is about making clips or editing, depending on the needs of the clients.

enjoytv  .ro

How much does the transmission of an event on EnjoyTV. RO cost?
Dan Jipa: Costs vary by location, Internet access, number of rooms and the operators concerned, profile of the event and its duration. What I can assure you is the fact that they are smaller than expected and the effect of such transmissions worth the money.

What have you broadcasted more until now, cultural or commercial events?
Dan Jipa: Because we took this road after a producer of cultural content suggested me, it is obvious that an important part of the transmissions covered cultural events.
I was glad to contribute to this type of program enrichment, after the recent abolition of posts and public television broadcasts in Romanian, and the collaboration with Sebastian Gheorghiu, in this segment, seems extremely interesting to me. At the same time, however, we had the con- firmation that there is a genuine need of such services, notably in the private events market. Although recently launched, EnjoyTV.RO streamed in private stream, general meetings, sales conferences, product launches, galas, concerts and contests of various companies and organizations, and parties and events of some individuals.

How do you usually find customers?
Dan Jipa: In the first months after its launch, many customers of EnjoyTV.RO came from the cultural operators who, like
Sebastian Gheorghiu, wanted to convey their products to a wider audience in the country and abroad. In recent months, however, increasingly more new customers contact us through the site EnjoyTV.RO due to visibility that television has achieved through cultural programs. Therefore, cultural and commercial fields are not incompatible if they both have quality in common. And EnjoyTV.RO wishes to promote quality in both segments of the market.


How hard was it to make things work?
Dan Jipa: As always in the beginning, it takes a lot of work and, above all, responsibility for things to budge. Due to previous experience in working with clients, in business planning etc., the depreciation of the equipment was not perhaps so difficult as for others who just embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. But there’s nothing easy. I think, however, that if what you offer meets a real need and you are doing your job at the best level of which you are capable, you can not fail. I remember that, at the end of 2015, I was asked to broadcast an automotive gala, and,when we looked at the screen and saw the finished product, we were as surprised and excited as the client – we had focused so hard on the actual work, that in the end we enjoyed the result of our work like we were childrent. This is, after all, the charm of taking on new roads.

How would you describe the relationship between Dan and Sebastian, as one of friendship, partnership, supplier-customer?
Sebastian Gheorghiu: I think all of them are valid. As much as, at a certain time, I can describe in the same way the relationships with my own customers.
Dan Jipa: I totally agree. Lets say, one can not make friends with all customers, but, in time, a working relationship based on mutual respect and seriousness becomes close enough, since you know you can trust the other. Trust is, in fact, the basis of friendship.

A thought for young people who want to start a business in a new area and may not have the courage?
Sebastian Gheorghiu: Be optimistic, but do not ignore the risks that may occur. That will allow them to think realistic. And if you are willing to assume failure, then they are ready.
Dan Jipa: Treat with utmost responsibility each contract, however small. If you have accepted it, honor it, as everything depends on it.


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