Bermuda will allow casino resorts on the island for the first ever time says government Minister for Tourism & Transport Shawn Crockwell.

Last year Bermuda allowed cruise ships docked on the island to run casino gambling and in a proposal now under discussion in parliament law makers are now ready to allow casinos within a hotel or resort style venue.

It had been thought that the final decision would go to a referendum but that has now been scrapped and will now go through parliament for deciding on casinos.

There will be a series of public consultations for the public which begins on the end of January, the topics up for discussion include presentations on the integrated casino-resort concept favored by the government, job creation and tourism investment, and the social impact of legalizing gambling.

Crockwell said that a recent poll found around 70% of the population were in favor of casino gaming.

Tourism accounts for around 28% of Bermuda’s GDP, of which 84% comes from the North American market.



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