Seven years ago, when he established the complex Ambasad’Or Events, he initiated a revolution in the luxury events industry. Today, he has a record of over 100 trophies and 2000 happy customers. Nicușor Stan, since he is the one we are talking about, is an Ambassador of the luxury events. Known as the best wedding planner from Romania, but also a successful businessman, he created an exclusivist concept, about which he talked with us. Thus, we’ll find out some of the secrets of a sharp, ambitious and brave undertaker, who took the chance and won.

➤ How did you start Ambasad’Or Events?
Almost seven years ago, when I started this project, few believed in me. But I succeeded.
I wanted to create a unique concept in Romania, to revolutionize the market of luxury events with a modern, avant-garde, exclusivist location. I wanted a place that would represent me. This complex really represents my business style, my detail-oriented style, the refusal to accept the Romanian style „don’t bother, it’s ok as it is”…
A challenge which I also coped with was the establishment of an integral and integrated system for our customers, both private, and corporate. Therefore, we offer a full services package; so that all those who pass by would find everything they have ever wanted for a dream event.
The semi-Olympic pool is a plus, and we will all benefit from its advantages in full season. Pool weddings are a very popular concept at the moment, many personalities choosing to organize their family events within our complex.

➤ What are your memories about the business you have created?
The smiles of the faces of the customers who came here, the sparkle in their eyes, the tears of happiness running on their faces during their events are the most precious memories.

➤ Which was the most difficult decision related to your business which you had to take? In what consisted the difficulty of this decision?
Seven years ago, in spite of the economic recession, I decided to create the events center Ambasad’Or. I took a difficult and very risky decision: establishing a high class location in a year of crisis.
However, the absence from the market of such a location determined me that, after a study performed on the segment of organization of events, to start this project. Although the initial plan was not as ample, during the execution of the works I have improved and modified the project countless times, so that the result is what you can see today.
I took a very high risk, financially speaking. This was the largest challenge. We started with a sum and we reached to something very different, the initial number being exceeded considerably.

➤ How does your events center and the entire luxury complex Ambasad’Or differentiate from the other spaces?
For over five years we have consecrated and we are recognized as the most luxurious events center in the country. Apart from the exceptional decorations, the architecture and the design of our complex, the attention to detail, the respect for our customers, the professionalism and the large experience of the Ambasad’Or team, there are the ingredients that make the difference between our offer and what the market proposes at the moment. As a confirmation of the high standard of our location, we have successfully organized important events for several public persons. We have successfully claimed the statute of the highest class location both for private events, and for the corporate segment. For me, as a businessman, I can say that I very well combine business and pleasure, the fact that you marry someone, the fact that people smiling come to you and leave happy from you.

➤ What segments of clients have you had until now? And which were their highest requests?
Ambasad’Or is recognized as a „high-class” events center, which imposed very rapidly on the market, due to the quality of the services provided and to its unique architecture. This is the reason why our customers mainly come from the high-class segment. As a confirmation for the high standard of our location, we have successfully organized important events for several public persons, such as: Alina and Cristi Borcea, Cabral and Andreea Ibacka, Andra and Cătălin Măruţă, Elena Gheorghe etc. At the same time, we also have special offers, for every budget.

➤ How do you see your evolution in the next period? What other plans do you have for the brand you have created?
It is a certainty the fact that lately the customers have become more and more select, in the good meaning of the word. They want new, avant-garde things, but also five-star services.
And, since their requests keep growing, our standards grow as well. So that, in the future, we want to remain up to our customers’ expectations, as we have accustomed them already.

➤ What are your slogans in life?
”Nihil sine Deo”. God helped me get where I am today. I am a very godlike person. Everything I’ve accomplished was through work, perseverance, chance and trust in God.

➤ Which is your soul event organized by you and your team and which remained in your memory? Would you like to share with us its story?
Each event that took place here has a great story behind. At Ambasad’Or I have organized, together with my team, around 3000 events. So that it is impossible for me to share a single story.

➤ What are the benefits a potential customer would have if he chose Ambasad’Or for an event in 2018?
We differentiate a lot from the competition by the packages of integrated services that Ambasad’Or offers to its customers and by a very good price-quality relation. Another great advantage we have is represented by the wedding planning sessions included.

➤ How would you characterize the Romanian events industry? What is it missing? What should be improved?
In the events industry the creativity, the passion and innovation are the most important characteristics, which the Romanians fully enjoy. This is the reason why the Romanian industry is more developed than in many other European countries. We can certainly take pride abroad for the exclusivist events that take place in our country. At the same time, we are in a process of continuous development.
And since the perseverance gives birth to progress, imagine what the events industry will look like in the future.

➤ I understand that you are going to enter the fashion segment as well, creating men suits combining the classical style with a modern cut. Also, you are always present in the mass-media, in the ”well-dressed” category. Who or what inspired you in this area?
I am a design lover, this is the reason why I thought I would launch my own clothing line. The launch of the collection hasn’t taken place yet, but it is a project which I will certainly implement during this year.

➤ Which are the prizes your business has received in time?
In time we have received over 100 trophies. I am very happy every time I receive a prize. It only represents an acknowledgement of our work. I say “our” because there is an entire team behind me, people with whom I have built this empire of the luxury events.
Few know what craziness, in the good meaning of the word, is at AmbasadOr, before every event we are hosting.
You must know that success doesn’t come overnight; there are needed much work, nerves of steel, perseverance, a smart strategy and, last but not least, passion. These characteristics have “led” me to winning numerous trophies like: ” The best wedding planner”, ” The best event organizer”, ”The prize of excellence in wedding planning”, ”The best luxury and fashion event organizer”, ”Personality of the year in events organization”, ”The prize of excellence in business”, but also ”The prize for the best events location”, ”The most fashionable events center”, prizes addressed, obviously, to the complex Ambasad’Or Events.

➤ Which are your hobbies?
Swimming, boxing, tennis – together with my son, because this is his favorite sports, or golf, when I have business meetings and I prefer a more relaxed environment.

➤ You have also created a kids’ playground – Ambasad’Or Play – which follows the same exclusivist line. What were your stakes?
We keep what characterizes us: exclusivist and 5 star standards. I wanted to create a new concept. We want our customers’ children to be spoiled just like their parents.
When I took the decision to open Ambasad’Or Play, I studied the market and I noticed that there was no such place which would harmoniously combine the luxury and the childhood years. We want parties for all ages: from 0 to 17 years, and at 18 we expect them to celebrate their majority at Ambasad’Or Events. This kids’ Ambasad’Or is more than a playground. It is ideal for spending one’s free time, but also for the children’s parties. We have saloons arranged by age categories: the little ones can play in the ball pool or with almost anything one can find in an amusement park, appropriate for their age; while the saloons for older ages provide the last news in the field of gadgets, play stations, mini-basketball and many interactive games. It is very important that the parents also feel the pleasure of coming to a playground. That is why we subsequently added coffee shops at Ambasad’Or Play. Everything so that parents may spend even more time with their children, because they are our most important treasure. No matter how busy I am, I always make time to be next to my son, Alex and to my twin daughters, Ana and Nicole. They inspire me and they are my greatest achievement.

➤ Last year you initiated a real estate project, Ambasad’Or Home. What can you tell us about it?
Ambasad’Or Home is an ambitious project. I wanted to try something new, in a field which is totally unknown to me, the real estate. I didn’t expect it would enjoy such a success and interest from the very beginning, but I can say that I am very happy about this. Ambasad’Or Home aims at bringing the specific Ambasad’Or luxury and elegance in people’s homes, even at prices that are eligible for the “First House” program.

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