B2B fantasy sports provider

B2B fantasy sports provider Scout Gaming Group is following up last year’s €250k Premier League season game by offering a €1m guaranteed prize pool for the coming season.

With 50,000 available seats at €25 each, the competition promises to pay out 1,250 prizes, with first place securing €200,000. The tournament will be available for Scout Gaming’s clients across its worldwide network.

Scout Gaming’s seasonal game has similarities to the popular official Fantasy Premier League game with regards to budget, number of players and some of the scoring rules. There are prizes for the best manager each month and even per game week. A side tournament for the high rollers is provided as well, with a hefty buy-in of €2,625.

Andreas Sundal, CPO and co-founder of B2B fantasy sports provider Scout Gaming, said: “We are very pleased on a global basis, for the first time ever, to offer a life-changing prize pool for the upcoming start of Premier League.
Outside the US, Premier League is considered to be number one Fantasy Game. The official Fantasy Premier League, free-to-play game, which currently attracts between six and seven million players, has experienced heavy growth the recent years. On the back of that and the general interest from our partners it enabled us to provide this record-breaking prize sum.”

About Scout Gaming you can find out more details by monitoring their webpage from HERE.

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