Nicusor Stan, one of the best wedding planners from Europe, has started a very audacious real estate project two years ago– Ambasad’Or Home, a project which brings in the real estate world the luxury and elegance specific to the brand Ambasad’Or. With an interior garden perfect for promenades and leisure, having secured access, Ambasad’Or Home represents an audacious project, with 100% Romanian investment, containing 140 detached apartments, with two or three rooms, parking places above ground and a stylish interior garden, perfect for a walk in open air, the community Ambasad’Or Home being composed only from carefully selected customers. The low height regime, P+4, gives the assembly a high security degree. The structure of resistance is provided by the reinforced concrete frameworks, the thermal and acoustic comfort being assured by the brick outer closures, thermal system and PVC carpentry with 6 chambers, with tripan glass.

➤ What determined you to start the Ambasad’Or Home project?
I felt the need of a change and of bringing something innovative on the market, which would revolutionize the real estate industry. Starting from the slogan „our customer, our master” and especially from a joke, a I thought that I would build a home to those whom I had married. Here is where the idea Ambasad’Or Home started from, an ambitious project which we managed to build in two years and which I am very proud of.

➤ Tell us more about this project! How much was the investment?
Ambasad’Or Home is a real estate project formed of four blocks of flats, situated across the event center Ambasad’Or Events. The investment is about 12 million euro. At first we wanted to build five blocks, but then we gave up to one of them in order to be able to offer more green areas to the dwellers, because this aspect is decisive when talking about buying a new home. We placed the parking in the back, so that there would not be any cars between the blocks and to provide more calmness to the dwellers.

➤ Which are the facilities that the complex Ambasad’Or Home disposes of?
The main advantage is given by the proximity to the commercial center Băneasa and to the International Airport Otopeni, but also to the office area from the north of Bucharest. Also, Ambasad’Or Home is at a 5 minutes distance from the STB station AMCO from where one can get the express lines to Bucharest or to the airport and where, in the near future, will also pass the subway line Gara de Nord – Airport, in no more than 2 years, this line being an express requirement from the European Union. Moreover, on the list of facilities of the complex there is a huge swimming pool, accessible exclusively to the Ambasad’Or Home customers, and also the possibility of bringing kids at any time to a modern playground belonging to the holding, Ambasad’Or Play.

➤ How many apartments are there in the complex?
As I have told you, we are talking about 4 blocks of 4 storeys each, with 35 apartments of two and three rooms, so we have a total number of 140 apartments, all detached, the customers being particularly interested in this aspect, that from a single hallway to have access to all the rooms from their inhabitation, a very important thing for their comfort. Also, although the blocks have only 4 storeys, each stairwell disposes of a spacious elevator, with a capacity of 5-8 persons, luxury receptions like those of five-star hotels and glass railing, meant to provide both security and an Ambasad’Or Home design.

➤ The apartments Ambasad’Or Home can be purchased by real estate credit? Which are the prices of the apartments?
Of course they can be purchased by real estate credit, we already have many apartments sold like this! The price starts from 54.000 Euro for a two-room luxury apartment, with triple stratified parquet with floor heating, very well thermically insulated windows, Salamander four season, in 3 glass sheets, some of the apartments having at their living rooms 6 sheets of glass; very qualitative tiles, spacious bathrooms with luxury sanitary objects, like 1,80 meter bathtubs and glass balconies. Also, the interior partitioning are made of brick, since there are no pillars or beams in the rooms. I have met many residential complexes where the delimitation between apartments is made by drywalls, which is unacceptable from my point of view. I agree with the delimitations by drywalls between the rooms of the same apartment, but between two different dwellings the delimitation must be made exclusively by brick, and at Ambasad’Or Home we use this type of delimitation even inside the dwellings.

➤ Which are the safety systems the blocks dispose of?
All the blocks dispose of frame structures, which makes them much more resistant than the pillar structures. We took into consideration all the architectural and construction standards. The exterior hallways are very wide, reaching 1,80 meters, because I wanted to have a good project, on which I put my print and image. I did not want to get a maximum of profit from Ambasad’Or Home but I’d rather pass this project onto my business card.

➤ Have you performed any market studies before starting the project?
Yes! I personally performed a very ample study and I managed to realize that at the moment constructions are being built well and correctly and that the customers’ desires are being taken into consideration, especially in the Northern area. It is very important to preserve the construction standards, those regarding the surface and height and to have respect for our customers.

➤ How is the access to the complex being made?
The access from Otopeni and Bucharest is very facile, the complex being at approx. 10m from DN1 and in the proximity of the airport.

➤ The complex will dispose of a security system?
Of course! Only the dwellers Ambasad’Or Home will have access to the complex, who will enter by card, while their visitors will need the host’s answer to the barrier in order to enter the complex. The fact that the access is made only by foot is a great advantage thanks to the spectacular 900 sq.-m park, which we thought we would populate with squirrels.

➤Although it is still in incipient stage, I have understood that Ambasad’Or Home has already received very many real estate distinctions!
It is true and this can only rejoice me. There have been two years of hard work and we still have a lot to work and any appreciation of our efforts is a great joy and an acknowledgement of our merits.

➤ What are other advantages of the complex?
Besides the fact that it is located at the border between the 1st District of the capital city and Otopeni, Ambasad’Or Home is one of the few real estate projects with a 100% Romanian investment and disposes of over the ground parking places and an elegant interior garden, perfect for walks in open air. The low height regime, P+4, confers the assembly a high security degree. The resistance structure is given by the reinforced concrete frames, the thermal and acoustic comfort being assured by the exterior brick closures, thermal system and PVC carpentry with 6 chambers of the type tripan. Although the high standards specific to Ambasad’Or are maintained, the prices of the apartments are eligible for the program the First Home or for acquisition by any other type of credit, as well as for rental in hotel regime, given the proximity to the airport. Knowing that the income structure of every person is different, we have adopted flexible payment modalities, adapted to every person.

➤ How would you characterize Ambasad’Or Home in 3 words?
Luxury, opulence and good taste.

➤ Have you met any problems within this project?
When you start on a new road, in a new field, problems are inherent, but with the help of my team we have managed to overcome them and take everything to a good end. In business, when in difficulty, one mustn’t get alarmed, because every obstacle has a solution.

➤ How would you characterize the real estate market from Romania?
Romania gets more and more polarized from an economical point of view. The migration of the work force from the rural area to the urban area has significantly grown the request of in habitation places, in the conditions where authorities fail in taking the necessary measures in order to reduce the discrepancies between regions. The lack of investments in poor counties, the low salaries compared to those from urban areas and the deficient infrastructure will continue to determine the Romanians to move in the cities, especially that the migration to Western countries no longer represents such a favorable perspective as in the last years. On the Romanian real estate market competition is not so much about price, but especially by location. This because the program the First Home has somehow balanced the offer, especially in the case of new apartments, and the developers have aligned their offers. In 2019 it is little probable that the prices would drop, considering that a great part of the investments were started in the previous years, at turnovers established by the constraints of each company – the costs of the lands and of the materials, financing and profitability rate assumed in the business plan. Also, the client has become very educated and things very thoroughly before making a decision with regard to the acquisition of a real estate.

➤ Do you think of expanding this project in the future?
At the moment I want to take this project to a good end and if everything goes right, we will continue to develop it, we’ll see if it will be in Otopeni as well, or in another area. In business one must innovate continuously and aim as high as possible, never come still, in order to preserve a top position.

➤ What are your objectives for the next year?
First of all, to finish the project Ambasad’Or Home and to sell all the 140 apartments, not for a profit, but to prove to ourselves that we are capable and efficient and to have our merits acknowledged. Secondly, I want to innovate a new wedding concept, in 4 colors, at Ambasad’Or Events and to continue developing Ambasad’Or Play. Finally, I want for me and for my family to be healthy, because health is the most important thing, and once you have it, you can achieve everything you intend to.

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