net4media Services became a Silver Partner of the Official Granting Gala of the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards.

The evening of the 16th edition of the Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala is fast approaching and the voting of the most popular companies in the field is in full swing.
As never before, the desire to vote is particularly high, which makes the number of valid votes cast increase from hour to hour.

The Gambling Industry Awards were initiated by our magazine Casino Life & Business Magazine 16 years ago and, since then, have been granted annually as a recognition of the merits of the most active and competitive companies operating in the gambling industry in our country.

The Official Gala of the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry, the most important socializing event of the Romanian gambling industry, will take place on December 14, starting at 19:00 in the luxurious Paris salon of Magic Place Crângași in Bucharest and will bring together, as in the previous editions, operators from the gambling industry, manufacturers, public figures, people who matter in the world of contemporary “business”, people from culture, art and sport but also from the mass media.

The host of the event will be, as usual, Codruț Kegheș aka Dezbrăcatu’ or, more recently, El Ciolănescu, who will conduct a special artistic program of music and dance.

Giving due importance to the event, net4media Services decided to become a Silver Partner of this 16th edition, thus joining the team of supporters already formed.

Net4Mmedia – CASINO & SPORTS BETTING SYSTEMS are a Unique Sports Betting and & Casino digital solutions.
Using it one can benefit from the most advanced technology in the industry while considerably decrease the projects deployment time and IT Budgets costs
Companies using it can increase their sales, control and manage every aspect of the business while keeping the clients close in real time.
Using Net4Media allows any entity to be much more adaptive and versatile offering it a huge advantage in a today’s changing market.
Fully advanced automatic and scalable platform allows instant large scale deployment of any new products within a network.
The Digital Signage features of Net4Mmedia platform is capable of delivering 4K content to the audience with some incredible low cost requirements like no other similar product.

The 2021 edition movie is right here…

At the moment the Partners of the event are:

Platinum Partner: Romanian Bookmakers
Gold Partner: BMM testlabs, EasyPay System and OKTO
Silver Partner: NET4MEDIA, IGT, DGL PRO, Smart Games and GRISOGONO
Media partners:,, and

… and the list is still open.

You can read about the previous editions of the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala HERE.

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