Monitoring system offered by Newton is in the second generation after 6 years our company has created a system of monitoring by GPRS which has been used successfully in the locations of many operators of slots in Romania and not only .

The system offered by our company has a few characteristics which enable it to be differentiated from both the first generation of the system as well as the other systems present on the market in Romania.

One of the advantages of our system is the fact that they can use two types of connection. In the case where an operator location is located in a rural region and there is no easy access to the internet via a cable, the system can use a card of the internet to an operator that Orange, Vodafone or Cosmote to make data transmission. In the case where in a given period there is no signal, the interface which interrogates the appliance will store the data for the period and transmits when a connection to the internet is possible.

Data acquisition can be done in both analogue type appliances Admiral Hotspot, DGL and SAS for appliances like Hotspot Platinum, Gaminator, Super V+. Connection and data acquisition mode in SAS allows a collection of data with an accuracy of 100% without leaving place transmission errors. Also, SAS mode allows the transmission of data to the game. So in this way a game can be locked by remote or can be viewed which is bet-ul playing to a device at a specified time.

The system allows you to view a list of the locations showing all information organizer query- interface ( address location, input, output, the time at which they played last time, the last bet, the time at which it was reset and collection has been carried out, how many games will be played at a certain time , the percentage for the award of the gain ). On request but can be created and otherwise reporting depending on the requirements each operator)

Home Page gives rise to arrange widgets-only e-mail specific locations you are interested in primarily or a specific slot in which hold it under observation (E.g. A Hall opened again or a game that has a percentage of gain abnormally .

Using the function may be observed HISTORICAL periods during which a device has been maintained in a wall socket, revenues at the end of each day , revenues at the end of each month and an event log ( opening the door, stop play ).

For structural policies, the system is composed of a summary which is fitted in each space where slots are being operated and how an interface installed in each game.

Basic Components

The Internet Connection host is ensured by a modem GSM with a SIM card or by means of an auxiliary device that allows connection to wired networks or wireless. In the case of use auxiliary device, it is possible data encryption between summary and interfaces.

Options and functions

1.Reading counters IN/OUT (analogue or SAS).
2.Calculating profit and the percentage of gain on different periode of time ( at the beginning of the period monitored, the last year, the last month and week).
3.Being able to see profit on each appliance or on each hall .
4.Monitoring activity on appliances.
5.Activate / De-activate a device for game.
6.Possibility manually reset with a key Dallas (after emptying boxes of money) or automatic at specific time.
7.History reset, with the possibility of amalgamation per room or per total.
8.Creating reports daily according to the current legislation and print-outs.
9.Three levels of access, of which two are with limited assignments a list of rooms . About levels of access more information below.
10.Detection, logging, and notice at certain events in order to prevent fraud. List of events being opening the door 1 door 2. Start/Stop play, start/stop interface.
11.There is no possibility of “views simple” which is intended to display the status of appliances on a larger screen. In this mode does not display financial part but only technical condition of the machines.

Levels of access

The system allows you to create multiple users with different access level . Layers are superadmin, admin, director and surveillance. Each level may be linked to a shortlist of rooms.

This level shall have access to any, including adding are of and new users in the system.

Admin Menu
This level has access to edit only on then rewrites the superadmin assigned to him. Has the right to modify the settings of the hostings and/or of the machines .

The Director shall have full access to view but not edit. Can view, and events as observed.

This level is only to view and does not allow finance view, but only technical condition of the machines .


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