All the Maxbet vicinity gaming rooms only display slot machines

by Ionuț Andreescu

Following the visits that we paid to the Maxbet rooms at Universitate and Afi Palace Cotroceni, featured in our previous issues, here is the time to introduce to you the smaller Maxbet rooms. We went to several gaming rooms in Bucharest, with the purpose to convince ourselves that Maxbet fully matches the highest expectations.

The rooms we stopped at were located in the areas of Stefan cel Mare, Muncii and Chibrit. Even though there was only one attender per shift, supervising 21 slots at the first one and 26 at the other two, the Maxbet standards were present in all three vicinity gaming rooms.

As this moment, the concept of the Maxbet vicinity gaming rooms is implemented in 31 locations in Romania, out of which 25 are in Bucharest. Until the end of this year, the operator – that won the 2013 award for ‘the best network of gaming rooms’ – is planning on opening 3 more locations that will meet the needs of the slot players.

All the gaming rooms in the category of Maxbet vicinity rooms only feature slot machines, thus allowing the Maxbet staff to carefully attend to every client.

The players, who in their large majority live close by these rooms, are provided here with a free open bar, without alcoholic drinks.

A percent of circa 30% of the total number of the clients was represented by ladies and misses, which proves that the players feel also safe in the smaller area gaming rooms.

The room in Chibrit neighborhood, 236 Calea Grivitei, opened on February 12 this year, is a location of a total 120 sqm, which does not allow indoor smoking. The rooms in Stefan cel Mare (at 36) and Calea Calarasilor (at 323), have a smaller surface area than 100 sqm that legally permits smoking inside.

The gaming mix is provided by the slots manufactured by Novomatic and EGT, to which various jackpots are attached. During the business hours, 08:00 – 05:00, the jackpots are awarded at a high winning frequency, which adds to the appeal of such vicinity gaming rooms.

It should be mentioned that these rooms, targeting average-income people, also accommodates the ‘Responsible Gaming’ program implemented by Romslot, which invites to a responsible playing attitude.


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