Crisis in Italy, a factor for gambling addiction

Statistics say that a number ranging from 700,000 to one million people suffer from ludopathy in Italy. And 200-300,000 cases are among the worst.

The economic crisis has sparked a surge in the number of gambling addicts in Italy, a country where the gambling industry holds priority in Europe and is on the fifth place worldwide. While the goods consumption decreased by 8% in this country, as a consequence of the world financial unrest, the gambling expense grew alarmingly fast, according to sociologist Maurizio Fiasco, a local expert in this sector. On the onset of crisis, five years ago, the Italians played for EUR15 billions – in 2011, this number reached 80 billions.

An average of 2,125 euros per year

As reported by statistics in this industry, every Italian gambles in the casinos around 2,125 euros annually, while trying their luck. The site says that there are more than 700,000 slots distributed to 1,500 poker rooms in Italy that are open all year round. The number of heavy gamblers is estimated at around 34 millions, which is over half of the country population.

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